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The Lost Intruder

The Lost Intruder
The Lost IntruderThe Lost IntruderThe Lost IntruderThe Lost Intruder






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Mar 11, 2024



The Lost Intruder Kafkactrl Distrito 91 - D91009

The enigmatic French producer KafkaCtrl is responsible for 'The Lost Intruder', the new release from Madrid's beloved electro label Distrito 91.

The EP is composed by five analogue bombs, perfectly structured in a synthetic storytelling that opens with the instrumental 'Hidden Light', followed by 'Cell Echoes' and its electro discharge of haunting synth lines. These are followed by 'Tokyo Combat' and 'Morphing Blood', which strike the perfect balance between depth and intensity, while the closure is reserved for the superb 4x4 electro performance that is 'It Escaped'.

A dark tale in the form of killer vinyl to give you goosebumps while dancing.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Hidden Light (intro)


Cell Echoes


Tokyo Kombat


Morphing Blood


It Scaped

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