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Next M.U.S.A release by the enigmatic Spoiled Drama with remixes by L.F.T and Kris Baha.
Kickslide E.p. - A new release from Twig, seekers sublabel !Comes straight from Frankfurt, 3 beautiful tracks, one great artist PHIL EVANS
When we first heard the tracks that are now part of this EP we were convinced an Italian producer from the 90’s had just dusted off a pack of DATS from his archives. Little we knew that Derral was a young, fresh and very talented gentleman from the outskirts of Barcelona. The 4 tracks on this OCD release are reminiscent of what it could be heard in Italy’s Riviera Adriatica legendary clubs in the early 90’s or on labels like UMM, MBG, or Heartbeat and the whole EP is a sneak peak into the promising future Derral has ahead of him.
Twig continue its mission to showcase brand new talents from around the world; its now time for Filippo Bena from Italy, based in Berlin….First EP on his own, techno electro house and hip-hop….all tracks written and produced by Filippo Bena, except B3 that features. Tiatod
For the 7th installment we welcome Ukrainian producer Lenzyak, with an EP full of dreamy and progressive digressions, that drives us from the deepest atmospheres to the brightest vibe supported by a blend of breaky, trancey and techno grooves.
Pager headhoncho and master of leisure Markus Sommer comes back on his own imprint with a warm and punchy 4 tracker sliding in smooth like silky houseslippers. Put out your fav sunchair and soke up that garden party vibe from front to back!

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