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Pre-Orders (Small Black Dots Distribution Exclusives)

Dj Jacuzziy, true to his ethos,2 feet in the water, sipping a Pina ColadaMaking loopy tech house for the beginning of a new era.*Limited copies, direct sales only* available at Small Black Dots (Barcelona) and Junction (Seoul)contact:
Attracted by an unknown force, self destructive thirst of knowledge, the adventurous travelers get deeper and deeper into the Junction Forest. Here in the middle of the tangled branches they stumble upon a Crystal Creek, Salamanders, and gigantic mushrooms. Voraciously eating the flesh of the fungus, they reach the Spore Core and then…Junction Forest is proud to release Norwegian artist and Ute co-founder Ekkel first solo EP
After the digital release of Salsipuedes Pt1 , Uruguayan label ¨Lunfardo Records¨ side by side with Small Black Dots crosses the Atlantic and shapeshifts into vinyl to bring us ¨SALSIPUEDES Pt 2¨. The Salsipuedes Massacre was one of the first “measures” that the first Uruguayan State would take (the extermination of the Indigenous). Lunfardo opens the ancestral portal, makes it visible and breaks the silence with the support of the sound of Prince de Takicardie, Central Intelligence and three of our own ¨Lunfardians¨ in a charged with strong ancient energy record.Artwork by @estudio.polarFor more info @Lunfardo.records
NICOBAR…There, in the immense blueamid impossible cloudsthe stillness of a truthis spread out because Nicobar is a present gift lost in the time of colors and green earthof secrets that only the soul recognizes when it opens the existence in front of itand all creatures visit that bluewhile nothing else matters only this paradise in our eyesthis being herein the powerful nature… in the world
For the second release of the label we’ve invited Various Artists.A1 is done by Italian artist Lucio who delivers a peak time track with a nasty sub bass, spacey synths and a raw snare groove.A2 is filled in by the creators of the first release, MASI. The brothers deliver a track which is a blend of subgenres that will be noticeable on the dancefloor. B1 is made by Otis. The Berlin based artist delivers an old school electro influenced track blend with synth pop melodies.B2 is created by DAWL. A true old school 2 step electro track complimented with spacey synths.
We are very happy to share with you our second vinyl release: Lunes después de la lluvia (FYC006) by Santiago Uribe.
Fourth D21 release by Saigg, Argentinian producer and Dj. Sublim is a Techno and electro E.P. that continues the heavy atmosphere of the label. Saigg takes us into a savage world of intense beats and futuristic melodies. An E.P. with a great production ready to destroy any mind that crosses his path.
Electronic Label toward multiple directions and influences
After the amazing response for our first release, we couldn’t be more excited to share new energy with you.For this second release, the creativity is collective, giving birth to the first Various Artists of the Label.The two young talents Alex Dima & Munir Nadir, from Outcast Torino, give a clear example of their excellent music taste.Moving North-West towards Center-East Italy, you find yourself in the Riviera shores. Luca Piermattei, from Pesaro, is a true taste-maker of this scene, and we’re sure you’ll agree with that after listening to his stunning composition. Closing out the EP, our dear friends from Rimini, Smoud Beats, residents at Buongiorno Classic, deliver a d-floor acid bomb you can hardly resist.
ALERT!POA back in the game!Join an immersive journey between dark and bright sides of electronic music in this 4 energy tracks EP from the Italian duo ADD+ Soundsystem.Including a Clear mix by matteo.

New arrivals

Lowkey Episode #3, once again showcasing Barcelona's vibrant underground scene. Limited pressing as usual
2trckrs drops its first wax on da streetz.
After having him collaborating with MER’s very own Cabanelas on the B side of MER006, Fernando Zapico aka Z@P releases a full four-track EP. A record crafted with an unique imprint covering a wide range of sound within techno. A1 Submarino stands out for its ticking drumming plates and soft synths creating a sort of suspense atmosphere. A2 Sensations travels through a classic grooving sound with bright drum plates, stomping kick drum and timeless vocal sound.On the flip side, The Box features a more hypnotic and brassy sound by moving along an oscillating bassline and a jazzy percussion set. B2 features Frank 717, a peak time track with sharpened-plates percussion with an acidic and playful bassline.
Cyril The Great's debut EP is a must-listen for fans of analog sound and dance music. The record's balancing act between 80's, 90's and futuristic dance beats makes for a unique and captivating listening experience. The sentimental and melancholic flow adds an extra layer of emotional depth to the EP. Overall, this vinyl release is a promising start for this new born artist and a great addition to any music collection.
After the last EP from Eversines, Twig comes back with 4 tracks from the italian producer Niki Bertullo owner of the Bebop Label and based in Genova.
Baffling Noise (seekers sublabel) coming back after the album of Yonder kids with a 4 tracks EP produced by Interactive Test boss Franco Falsini.
Paradise City Breakers are welcome back on Discarded Gems with solid EP, ready to serve the dance floor at each need, from the peak to the morning lights.
After a one and half year hiatus we are back with the Foundation debut of a talent who’s always been bound to be part of our family. Matthew Dexter shares with us “Future Radi-onica:” a special four tracker shaped to fit our output. Straying away from his usual darker trademark sound, Matthew presents an EP full of light and energy to kickstart a path into new territories, both for him and us alike.With a bass-line begging for movement “The Future” is made for all types of dancers look-ing to let loose. Straight to the point and without a hassle, it’s guaranteed to secure energy on the floor.“Quantum Tangerine” brings us into our first ambient journey and showcases Matthew’s highly skilled sound design achieved through complex layering, textures, vocal play and ad-vanced audio engineering techniques.A mix of diverse 90’s influences takes us to the next point in our journey “Yantra Radionica.” A bit of Goa, a touch of techno and a lot trance makes this the perfect track for the darker hours of the night. A rolling bass-line tangled to eerie yet energetic sounds make this the perfect fit for one of our favourite contrasting styles, which can best be described as “dark yet uplifting.”The best part of many nights are ofen lived in the morning hours, when only the true enthu-siasts remain. “Sequoia’s Hymn” is perfect for those bits in 4me where its all about the mu- sic. Like the name suggests it draws on grandiose energies while remaining calm and subtle much like the wind blowing through the forests of the biggest trees on planet earth.
For it's 46th outing, Klasse Wrecks recruits the Brooklyn based producer Gee Dee to it's ranks. Gee Dee aka Greg Droggitis turns in a wonderful and fully fledged collection of tracks that burst to the brim with atmosphere and sunny vibrations. True to the label's ethos, the music is as always, hard to pin down under one specific genre but instead slyly calls on various classic House, Electro and Acid tropes. The overall sound is one that is both universal and transcendent, feeling familiar but still surprising. 'Dream In Colour' is indeed an apt title for the EP as it spans the musical spectrum and is a lucid and vivid trip into the imagination of this new and exciting producer.
'exercicis ritmics' is oma totem's debut EP on Hivern Discs, featuring five tracks that dive into percussion and intricate rhythms. Standard edition with inner sleeve plus inlay.
Club toilet door-shakers by the incredible Lisene on his Craigie Knowes debut. Technical and intricate club-fodder prepped to shake the foundations of your favourite nightclubs. Watch your hinges!
Sleeve004 is a collection of six of the best tracks selected by Sleeve Records from Luca Palmerini's work, made in Italy in the 90s. An essential record for club music lovers.
It's the one you've all been waiting for! Reflex Blue joins Craigie Knowes for his monstrous debut EP 'Gotham'. It's an A-grade fusion of club-ready trax on an EP overflowing with frequencies primed to help you freq. Strap yourself in!
It was maybe only a matter of time before DJs Luca Lozano and Dawl collaborated on a record, the two artists have been circling each other in orbit for years now. 'Cybernetik Synergy' plays on the virtual space created between the two producers while working online, the tracks on the EP were sketched out, passed back and forth in folders until they were finished...meaning the artists never actually met in person. The result is both bleepy and breaky, its a rave record that takes in the duo's influences and love of old classic dance hits. The theme of technocractic collaboration is developed further by the final (vinyl-only) track, a collection of separate stems from the A1 that enable the listeners to be able remix the tracks themselves and then send in to the label via the QR code on the sleeve.
High value DJ clobber that gives the purchasing selector options throughout the night. House-master Matthias joins Craigie Knowes for his debut EP with the Scottish imprint. Classy cuts glittering with originality and outright funk.
The collective mind of SIKU returns with its fourth outing of club-igniting material.
Hearing Colours is pleased to present their fifth EP, engineered by the master heads behind Melcure, the iconic duo, Felipe Valenzuela and Dani Casarano. These guys return with, "Under My Skin", showing us a touch of punk, techno and early uk tech house all mixed into one main idea.This hybrid saw the light after one of their latest, but few, studio interactions. The 3 cuts were designed on the same day and composed mostly with a MPC, an unusual system in their classic setup. This approach has given their sound a new twist which is presented uniquely on this EP.
“friends-making-music-for-friends-so-friends-can-dance-with-friends-to-make-more-friends”This is the third release on the “For Playful Manners” label, a split record by Gwenan and Camiflage. Originally from Wales and living in Berlin, Gwenan Spearing is an algorithmic coder during the day and a DJ and producer by night. Gwenan presents on For Playful Manners 03 some of her first club music compositions (and there are plenty more to follow!). Camiel Hermans aka Camiflage takes charge of the flipside. Based in Brussels/Belgium, Camiel is a movie animator during weekdays and a producer, label owner (Snaretrade Records) and DJ during the wee hours of the weekend.Track ? and ? written and produced by Gwenan Spearing in Berlin, GermanyTrack ? and ? written and produced by Camiel ‘Camiflage’ Hermans, recorded at home, Altitude 100, Brussels, BelgiumGwenan tracks mixed by Ismael Zouaoui. Camiflage tracks mixed by Sergio Moreira.Mastered and cut by Stefan at Scape Mastering Berlin. Crossword puzzles by Joe Delon.Artwork by Samantha Millows.Both tracks were selected by Walrus and Adi who are running For Playful Manners label.Camiflage Shout-out to the Planet crew and Benji the Dinosaur.
The harmonic research mentioned in "Late Hours" finally finds a more straightforward path, more defined but still wrapped in an aura of uncertainty, of mystery. The musical investigation, rhythmic and melodic, is carried out on several fronts, hinting at many facets of electronic music but without ever wanting to define itself explicitly in one of them.
Sunny Crypt is happy to announce the reissue of "Sur L'Eau", the sought after debut EP by French IDM pioneers Les Dupont, an electronic duo composed by Didier Blasco and Louis-Frédéric Apostoly at Nice’s Fine Arts school. Originally released in 1994 on the seminal Virtual... label, this record is a unique-sounding blend of trippy acquatic-themed house meets electronica meets ambient. Now up in demand and with OG copies hard to get ahold of, this new fully licensed and remastered edition comes with a bonus techno / trance jam called "Outremer", previously released only on CD on Les Dupont's 1995 debut album titled "Miracle". In the words of the artists, a kind of equivalent of surrealism, a work of collage, chance, freedom and experimentation of all kinds.
After the EP by Deyayu, Baffling Noise (seekers sublabel) is coming back with another 4 tracks EP this time by the new Australian duo Numbat
Expansion is the 7th EP on Belgium based Nightflight Records. On several levels it is a deft alignment of the label’s emotional techno aesthetic with Mihail Petrovski’s ability to deliver exquisitely poised music that drives deep into the mind and soul. The EP is a fine addition to his discography presented by the likes of Ferox, Common Dreams, Verdant Recordings & Distant Worlds over the last half decade. Petrovski possesses an incredible appreciation of the history of deep techno and evidently distils that into his own craft, whilst adeptly melding a sound that is undoubtably his own. This 4 tracker, all original compositions, manifests an uncluttered platform to fully appreciate those talents. Elegantly programmed percussion is balanced with sumptuous basslines and pads but leave wide open spaces for heart warming melodies on each of these tracks. Tsuris is arguably the most urgent on the record with a warm pressing kick. Omec switches around a superb elastic bassline. Dream Thief brings the tempo down but its innocent celestial melodies linger in the mind. Closing out with Circadian Rhythms, its broken percussion becomes the focus with a sophisticated nod to the finest of mid 90’s UK deep techno.
Obliq Records launches “Démodé”. First release by Giuseppe Palermo on his new label. A journey from more closed sounds to open more melodies; with some tape cuts for some instruments within the tracks.
Repress of the first Junction Forest record! But only a few copies, in order to use the leftover green sleeves..So I got some complaints about my last album, reportedly containing no danceable tracks, "I tried to play it out and everybody left" said one angry customer. "I thought it sounded fine but it clears the floor 100%" wrote another one. Well this time I took a different approach. On the A side, you get Tteuggeopge (meaning "Hot" in Korean) - it's a mixture of acid techno and psy-trance breakdowns, with some vocal samples taken from an old Korean movie, a jazz intro and a long 9.09minutes build up (figures are never chosen randomly) which I hope won't let the dancefloor unmoved - if you dare to play it!On the flip you get the ambient version... no! I was joking! you get 2 other trance tracks: Psychic Link is a mixture of Hard & Goa Trance sounds with breakbeats samples & a surprising deep tribal interlude in the middle to cool down the room for a minute.And finally Snow White And The Seven Mushrooms is an angry bad tripping tribute to 90s progressive house sounds. Like if Robin S took too much acid and is haunted by some supernatural creatures.
Some things take time. Harsh Puri aka Reformed Society has been sending me music for more than 3 years. Not just one or two tracks but more than 100! During the lockdown, we spoke over the phone and I told him my way of working, which is to plant a seed that can grow and give it time to blossom. He then went on to tell me his method of working and how that had changed during the pandemic. From finishing tracks within a day, he decided to take more time with his projects now, spending countless hours learning the construction process of different sub genres within dance music that he hadn’t made before, all in the pursuit of being a better producer. This still resulted in over a 100 tracks being sent to me and as Harsh was not able to catch up with naming tracks, all his demos were called “Untitled 000 up to Untitled 150-something”. One day I received another batch of “Untitled tracks” and on hearing the new tracks I knew the seed had blossomed and it was time to compile a record by Reformed Society. In the meantime we met in London and Barcelona and became friends. Harsh told me that most of his tracks are made with the club in mind, more to be played at night and in indoor spaces. Overall, this double ep has an old school influence. Half the tracks have a sound inspired by UK tech house (97-04) with a very “heads down”, serious, and deep vibe for mid-size to semi-large rooms or clubs. It goes even deeper, envisioning people well into their mdma high, feeling full of love and maybe even some introspection. Harsh was born in New Delhi, India in 1983 and later moved to Antwerp, Belgium. He went back to boarding school in Rajasthan, India then lived in the USA to study electrical engineering until 2006. Although he’s been deejaying and going to clubs since he was 17, it was only when he moved to London that he became a serious clubber, exploring different parties in the city every weekend. This is pure deep tech house music that reflects his life on and off the dancefloor. Now it’s time to play these straight up dancefloor bombs out in the club. Thanks for your patience and your music Harsh, I’m so happy we made this double ep work.
The glimmer in our eyes gallops as a wild stallion toward infinity,and in a screaming silence, wears the cape of innocent understanding.Our love is grave danger, which doesn't shy away from its fate.There is nothing to be afraid of tonight.Love is the bastard child of the Heavens and the pits of Hell, it encompasses the entirety of human suffering.what if we isolate it to a singular moment?Quick and wonderful moments, without trying to hold on to it and wanting it to stay forever?Between the concrete to the woods to the seaWe will be quiet until we understandThat this, this is momentary and unfathomableWe will take this in, with a deep breathUntil we plunge in and scatterFor out of particles wast thou takenand unto particles shalt thou returnWalking the line drawn exactly between chaosand symbiotic harmony.
SUZI returns after the beautiful EP by Downstairs J with a new power compilation, including contributions by Beta Librae, Flørist, Dashiell, and Alfredo 92. This VA record explores modern takes on tech dimensions driven by catchy grooves.The record debuts with an essential dancefloor killer by Dashiell, a talented musician based in Naarm/Melbourne. "Beep Beep" has a slick badass attitude driven by its frenetic core melody, accompanied by a spooky cosmic atmosphere, and makes this track an instant hit for dancefloors.The second contribution, "Listening to the ants," comes from Beta Librae, one of NYC's most unique exports in recent years. Her signature contemporary deep-bleep-groovy sound can also be found in this composition, which has a slow and dubby feel filled with small insect-like details. A perfect symbiosis between organic and digital worlds.On the flip side, we find "Dot Matrix," a groover by Berlin-based Flørist. Breaky tech-house with MPC-like swingy shakers channeling a balance between minimalistic details and slightly scratchy sound design. The bass-line, one of the key elements here, comes and goes over and over again, creating superb tension from beginning to end.The final track "Bora" of the record comes from Copenhagen, by Alfredo 92. What makes this track so special is its propulsive drive without any kick drum in it. The association of wind-like groove elements combined with a subtle melody makes this beautifully crafted sonic tempest.Curation and design by Cleveland. Mastering by Marco Pellegrino at Analog Cut. Distribution & production by One Eye Witness.
4 Tracks made in the 305. Featuring beats from a mysterious crew from the margins of the Miami underground. Good times, jams, machines, and lots of fatties. Don't sleep!
Pablo Arrangoiz, a man of many monikers, has quite a few experimental releases as well as some dance floor treasures under his belt. His work navigates unholy experimental sounds, spooky atmospheric endeavors, clownish takes on Bach’s canons and much more. The Gurner, released under his new alias Baüzer Vep, fits the bill perfectly: it induces you in a dream-like, slightly nightmarish state, but does so with irony and without neglecting grooves.
Evasione Digitale is a new label devoted to the Italian Progressive sound of the 90’s.The label is kicking off with the reissue of "Punto G,” the sought-after Italian Techno 12” originally released on Spock in 1995, under the umbrella of Leo Mas, Gemolotto and Fabrice. The "Triade,” with their influential labels, coined a trademark sound for the city of Udine, creating a solid acid kingdom and giving space to modern experiments.Produced by Fabrizio Vascotto (Skeela) and local dj Marco Bellini, resident in cult clubs like Area City and Aida, "Punto G" sees the light again via Torino and Berlin.
Continuing the hunt for tracks that envelop dancefloors, the Coqueto boys present a new VA with the same feel that distinguishes them. Wide textures, fat basslines, and dark presence are protagonists in this CQTR002.
After the double LP entitled ”What He Does”, seekers return with a beautiful 4 dancefloor tracks recently produced on the other side of the Atlantic. Artwork by @mona_bit_For more info
Third mushroom in the Junction Forest, S.O.N.S is back for a darker ritual, in the heart of the woods, when dusk comes, when minds escape, when spirits take control of bodies, it is time for the Psychedance Songs.This record is a mysterious collection of forgotten memories, the result of subconscious music making and collective dance mania


Not the usual record bag, this is the SBD record backpack!Its shape and capacity allows it be used as:– companion to any standard trolley record bag, allowing to carry more records at gigs;– as a stand-alone DJ record bag for smaller gigs, with its 30L capacity it holds approx. 45x 12” records;– a travel bag for short getaways;– all of the above: 45 records + a few clothes and personal accessories for short travels;3 ways bag:– hand-bag– backpack (removable/adjustable backpack straps)– shoulder bag (removable/adjustable shoulder strap)features:– water repellent and strong fabric;– waterproof zips;– 2 big external front pockets;– 2 deep inner pockets;– 1 big laptop inner pocket;– USB plug to recharge USB devices via a powerbank (not included); – 3 way bag: handbag, backpack, shoulder-bag– for DJing needs as much as for daily use, sports, trekking;– perfect companion to any standard trolley record bag, allowing to carry more records;– holds approx. 45x 12” inch records;– works as a stand-alone DJ record bag for smaller gigs or travel bag shorter getaways….or both together;– USB plug to store extra power bank (not included) and recharge mobiles or USB devices;– 1 big inner pocket for laptop– 2 big pockets outside on the front of the bag;– 2 smaller pockets inside the bag:– if not in use shoulder straps can be removed;– water-repellent fabric;– waterproof zips;– frontal Velcro strap for patches;
chateau vinyl offers a perfectly protected, shock-absorbing and cushioned space for 75 x 12inches.two equal subdivisions that can be divided to both sides. this unique feature makes record selecting more comfortable in different club situations. each chateau vinyl bag contains the flight cover, an easy, lightweight and highly sustainable solution to protect and extend the life of your chateau vinyl.advice to all the flying djs: don't check-in without!the puristic chateau vinyl solo version comes without the side pouch and docking station.less is more - if it´s enough for your needs._coated water-resistant 2-way zipper_adjustable 50mm shoulderstrap_comfortable, cushioned shoulder pads_easy to clean, cushioned record casesmaterial: certified cordura®  nyloncolour: blackplease note:delivery time is currently between 8-14 working daysplease get in touch by email if you need more information.thank you!made in germany35 x 34 x 24 cm
chateau vinyl offers a perfectly protected,shock-absorbing and cushioned space for 75 x 12inches.two equal subdivisions that can be divided to both sides.this unique feature makes record selecting more comfortable in different club situations.each chateau vinyl bag contains the flight cover, an easy, lightweight and highly sustainablesolution to protect and extend the life of your chateau vinyl.advise to all the flying djs: don't check-in without!the puristic chateau vinyl solo version comes without the side pouch and docking station.less is more - if it´s enough for your needs._coated water- & scratch resistant 2-way zipper_waterproof extra durable ballistic cordura® nylon upper material_adjustable 50mm shoulderstrap_comfortable, cushioned shoulder pads_easy to clean, cushioned record casesmaterial: certified ballistic cordura® nyloncolour: blackmade in germany35 x 34 x 24 cm
chateau vinyl offeres a perfectly protected, shock absorbing and cushioned space for 75 x 12inches.two equal subdivisions that can be divided to both sides.this unique feature makes record selecting more comfortable in different club situations.each chateau vinyl bag contains the flight cover, an easy, lightweight and highly sustainable solution to protect and extend the life of your chateau vinyl.advise to all the flying djs: don't check-in without!the puristic chateau vinyl solo version comes without the side pouch and docking station.less is more - if it´s enough for your needs._coated water resistent 2-way zipper_adjustable 50mm shoulderstrap_comfortable, cushioned shoulder pads_easy to clean, cushioned record casesmaterial: water-repellent cottoncolour: blackmade in germany35 x 34 x 24 cm
Material: Polyester FeltDiameter: 29 cmThickness: 4 cmStrong and durable slipmats thanks to their 4cm thickness!3 types of packages available: - 1 pair with 2x WHITE slipmats- 1 pair with 2x BLACK slipmats- 1 pair with 1x WHITE + 1 BLACK slipmats
For Deep Heads!Sand color6-panels 100% cotton capAdjustable size
100% Organic Cotton (140 g/m²)Straight and comfortable cut.Choose 1 size more for a loose fit.
100% Organic Cotton (150 g/m²)Straight and comfortable cut.
100% Organic Cotton (150 g/m²)Straight and comfortable cut.
100% Organic Cotton (150 g/m²) Straight and comfortable cut.