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Pre-Orders (Small Black Dots Distribution Exclusives)

Release 8 on Nightflight Records is delivered by TN, a moniker of a Belgian producer with numerous releases on quality labels. Flux White released the producer’s first EP as TN in 2019.This three-tracker digs deep into the vaults of TN’s productions, containing the first track he ever made (Novice but True). These are three pure dancefloor tracks; no pretention just effective DJ tracks to dance to reminiscing simpler house days.
The Gospel According to Victor (TGAV) kicks off its inaugural transmission on wax with an EP of driving, timeless, yet modern house music from label-owner, Tro. Inspired by a cryptic, otherworldly occurrence in Toronto in the summer of 2023, TGAV001 sees the enigmatic Berlin-based producer present the gospel of his musical sensibilities: four slices of dancefloor-oriented mind-music, seamlessly blending novel sound design techniques with hypnotic grooves reminiscent of 90s tech-house / minimal nostalgia. Peppered with the types of subtle surprises characteristic of his live act, TGAV001 takes the listener on a cosmic journey through space and different realms, with a hint of the absurd.
Source 02 is the second release from the Uruguayan label New Source. We are pleased to have the debut of Lorenzo Batlle, Uruguayan producer and DJ. Track A1 - IDRIS:Opening the EP, IDRIS invites you to a disorderly dance through time, weaving dub influences, atmospheric acid lines, and fragmented vocals creating an eclectic sonic landscape.Track A2 - MEDEA: MEDEA emerges with a soft and hypnotic embrace, drenched in hypnotic bells and delayed acid lines.Track B1 - SIRIUS:Inspired by Cyrus, woods, and '80s shades, SIRIUS is a blended journey guided by a pulsating baseline—an invitation to move forward on the dancefloor.Track B2 - God works in mysterious ways:Closing the EP, God works in mysterious ways leaves a moody imprint, resonating with house vibes and playful synths bringing joy to the dancefloor.
Polarity Records finally returns with its seventh release with a various artists.Opening 4 intense stories EP in side A1 is Giuseppe Angeloro, a talented young Italian producer with one of his tracks that has already ignited several European dancefloors. He will share this side with one of the co-founders of the Offenbach-based HWSD collective Cedrik Dekowski and his strong jamming Roayal, spinning the record will be done by label cofounder Luca Piermattei with Italian voices inside the track, in company with a techno groove and melodic track by the other talented HWSD producer now based in South Korea, Thilo dietrich. These are four different tracks but with a minimum common determiner , that of having a killer instinct for your dancefloor!
It’s approximately been a year since Antoine lost what would have been his debut album, ironically dubbed ‘Humour. Positivity & Affection’. In its wake, stemmed the idea for the producer to reform his conceptually based project (Mise En Place) into a vinyl only label.The Land Down Dunder EP being the first, of hopefully, many releases throughout this new imprint. The label head feels there is no better way to start this campaign, than with a body of work, entirely inspired by the modern, timeless TV Sitcom - The Office (US).The opener ‘Australian Reds’ looks to bridge the gap between Progressive House and Antoine interpretation of Minimal. Matched with Ghanian inherited grooves of course.‘Colombian Whites’ as suggested by its title, widens the eyes and warms the soul with its textbook, 90’s House inspired Kicks, Hi’s and Baseline. Synthy melodies run throughout the mid(s) of the track to marry the ensemble together. Fitting for all terrains, but would be highly favoured in the Summer. The B-Side flips the script in tone, tempo and texture - pulling on Antoine’s repertoire for groove laden Techno - ‘Cafe Disco (AK’s Rare Groove Dub)’ brings you to the after hours of any setting with it’s full bodied percussive rhythms, beautifully automated soundscapes and highly persuasive swing.Lastly, the EP is capped off by ‘Threat Level Midnight’. A nod to Antoine’s versatility within the realms of House and Techno. An incredibly versatile track, structurally inspired by the producers love of Hip-Hop. A cacophony of ethereal chord progressions run throughout the track alongside one moody baseline, as well as solemn drum patterns which progress in both body-feel and stature.
FIKTIV is a Transylvania/Budapest/Barcelona based new label.On the X side guest artists Kurilo and Eliaz are pushing the boundaries of cybernetic soundscapes.On the other side of the portal, label owners Kvrk & mar.c dive deep into unexplored sonic dimensions.FKTV001 fluctuates between the realms of electro, techno and acid, thus providing a vision through the kaleidoscope of auditory delights.


Human Space Machine makes another visit to earth with “Searching”: a fresh four tracker consisting of effective yet deeply heady pieces of club music. Following his well received EP “Cycle”, HSM explores a darker vibe, one that has become signature to his more recent works. Human Space Machine’s music never floats too far from dance floor focus, but once again tirelessly sparks interest to the ear with complex rhythms and tribal percussion. ‘Searching’ makes a big entrance, an unpretending piece of serious acidness, not ever letting the listener leave the groove, yet carrying a glimpse of hope throughout. After comes ‘SP4C3’, pulling into deeper territory, with minimalistic techno-ey drums and a dash of psy-influences for those really late or early moments. Flipping over, the B-side punches out an ominous and broken cut ‘Ritm’ that crosses over many genres but is ultimately a signature HSM track, one for the subs. Rounding off, Human Space Machine’s ’SH3’ showcases his passion for faster pasted grooves and mind-tripping synths combined in a rhythmical journey.
New Label by Eversines!"Welcome to Jamming Is Life, a new label embodying the spirit of improvisation, spontaneity, and emotional expression through sound.For the first release I’ve selected four of my tracks to set the mood for what I have in mind for this imprint:Chasing the mystery in music, the unexplainable, while keeping it fresh and clubby. I’m not big on promo texts, but truly hope this music will find a way to speak to you.Limited to 300 vinyl only copies, no repress.
Morpheus, the god of sleep is here to give you a quick chance of getting dream records that are nearly impossible to find.
Fluid, perspicuous, hypnotic, deep, Amsterdam's Human Space Machine, co-founder of the renown De Lichting collective, offers up a Swiss Army Knife of poignant techno tracks perfect for the mid-day festival set when the afternoon sun beats down and for the dark corners of the night when all you want to do is disappear. Record opener "Mopo" thuds hypnotically with a digital, crystallized, acid-tinged bass line into the second track "Arp", whose squishy chord stabs punctuate a mesmerizing rolling shuffle. Penultimate track "Lyf" plays out like a high speed pursuit- where pulsating tension propels the listener deeper into the groove while record closer "Newendam" bubbles around a bouncing bass hook offering teetering glimpses of light and bliss as the sun rise teases. Comes in a special duo-pantone printed jacket by Rotterdam based artist Tim Mastik. With words by Gregory Markus.
All tracks written and produced by JUAAN for Sarah Tonin Records out of Miami, FL.Distributed by Off The Grid, mastered by Marco Pellegrino at Analogcut.
For the first time in our Rezpektiva series we make a return to a formerly released artist. Phantom Power was the producer behind our third release (REZ3three) and we enlist his skills once more in bringing to light two more tracks from his catalogue in the way of 'Helter Skelter' and 'Travelogue (Departure Mix)' both originally released on Crib Records in 1994. Once again - Rezpekt to Phantom Power ! Rezpekt to Crib Records !
The Sekhem Versus project unites two producers with the aim of creating an unprecedented, strong, yet logical synergy. The duo of The Hacker and Stigma open this new series. SKM004 is a 5-track EP filled with vintage warmth, featuring techno/EBM and magnetic electro. This release is crafted for heavy dancefloor use. Classic vibes in our modern era.
“Cool Underground Music presents: the lazy deejay EP. four foggy joints, pressed on wax. rolling basslines, hypnotic rhythms, familiar echoes from our past. right on time, the deed is done. warm transmissions have begun. with CUM001...”
Tracing Xircles (Luke Standing aka Blue Hour & Simon Pilkington aka A_JX) return to base after debuting ‘Gaia’s Requiem’ back in 2017. During that period the duo contributed to Air Texture VI curated by Steffi & Martyn and have been quietly readying their new record ‘Air Lock’. The 4 track EP develops their signature sound palette into new territory with references to timeless UK & Detroit flavours, sealing the record with a retro futuristic collage of ambient techno and timeless electronica.
Straight from the stone head, 3hrvl and the spiral sorcerer of ozz speak to you, the chosen ones.
Elusive label ocp resurfaces for a new EP by Milz & Hitek!
Everybody Trance is more than proud to crash onto labels bubble, with the first episode: Various Vol. 1., illustrating our bash vision with a frenetic and hypnotic grooves tour. Dense, knotty and intoxicating tracks, overflowing with finesse, display all over this EP, including Maelita & Kick 21, Botwin, Gogo Gadgeto, Subsism and Ekzander, mastered by Alden Tyrell and designed by Jimmy Premier.

New arrivals

Interactive Test is coming back to new life with their first release after 30 years from the making of their first EP.
Wildflower Records is back with the fourth release after its reboot, presenting this time the new “NERIMENNIE“ project run by Alex Neri together with Italian studio talent Mennie.
Orlando Voorn, the famed Dutch DJ/producer that embraced the Detroit electronic sound from the early nineties, has graced us with three OG sounding tracks that we are proud to offer! As a tribute of respect and thanks to Mr. Voorn, we aptly titled this EP - Legendary (limited run 300 copies, special thanks to Small Black Dots, Analogcut, and R.A.N.D. Muzik).This release has a mood for any part of the night. Whassup! is an upbeat banger, somewhat reminiscent of a ghetto tech track, with its repetitive morphed vocal; Inner Self is a foray into the deeper side of dance music - both quite dancefloor friendly. Sparkles is a beautiful techno ambient dreamland, perfect for an intro or a reset.This EP is rounded out by a sick avant garde remix of Inner Self by Abstracta Audio's co-founder, Loner.9 of Detroit Techno Militia.
Activ-Analog invites you to enter into the strange & new sounds of the Lunar Garden! Release Number 16 in our 12 inch journey on Activ-Analog finds us on a deep space trip to the unknown environments of the lunar surface. We explore vast soundscapes, textures and punchy rhythms transmitted over 4 new Activ-Analog tracks. As always, a focus on minimalism as a core mission. Strap yourselves in for discovery and welcome aboard!
Peruvian label MOON SOUND, arrives after a long time with its first release in 12”, which thanks to its select taste has the opportunity to come out with world-class artists.
Grandma brings you on a new journey, let's move on
Cyril The Great returns with his second release, "Quantum Fairytales." This record showcases two analog "long drinks" infused with the raw vibes of the 90s and it delves into the mysterious journey of electronic sound, emerging from the quantum realm of pure energy and adhering to its own esoteric principles, resulting in the emergence of a solid tracks in our contemporary reality.
4 unreleased tracks, recorded in DAT in 1998Artwork by @mona_bit_For more info
Rambal Cochet joins the Junction Forest, with 4 tracks which sit well between the our usual mushroom backwoods and somewhere further away in the galactic outer-space. Mysterious goa techno infusions for the deep mindtrips
MUSEK is the new label created by legendary Italian DJ and producer Francesco Farfa and upcoming producer Hamsa. For the first release the two have compiled a Various Artists that sees Farfa himself coming back to the production desk with “Zacido” on the A1, while Hamsa takes over the rest of the vinyl with “Helios”, co-produced with Dan Beaven, on the A2, and with two solos productions, “Chronus” and “Hades” on the flip side side.A record with an original and intelligent mix that incorporates Acid and Progressive influences with Psy-Trance and Goa elements.
“Introducing Force Rouge, Force Bleu, and more – a series of 8 vinyl EPs related to Digital albums on bandcamp, that bring the essence of the 90s techno era to life. Each EP is a carefully curated collection of the digital album’s top 4 banger tracks, representing the very best of our musical journey.Following the vinyl EP release, the complete album becomes available in digital format. This unique approach allows us to pay homage to the nostalgic sounds of the 90s while also offering a modern digital experience.Our project draws inspiration from the iconic Power Rangers, with each vinyl EP and digital album featuring a distinct color scheme that captures the spirit of the futuristic world we create.Step into our world where music meets nostalgia, and let the Power Rangers guide you through the sonic landscape of the 90s techno era. Welcome to « Force Rouge, Force Bleu, Jaune, Vert, Rose, Noire, Blanche, Éclair and beyond. »
The legacy of the UK’s prolific Alien Recordings lives on with another classy four track EP. Andy Panayi, Alec Stone and Rob Collman have been pivotal in shaping electronic music for decades. Their raw aesthetic formed Alien Recordings’ identity in the 90s, releasing timeless music from their several projects A², SKAT and Stopouts.The humble London collective are behind many influential records from tech-house’s golden era, pushing an infectiously groovy sound perfect for many scenarios. After connecting with the MASS crew in Leeds shortly before Andy’s passing, this release is a heartfelt tribute presenting four unreleased gems recorded between 1996 and 2010.
For the second release of the label we’ve invited Various Artists.A1 is done by Italian artist Lucio who delivers a peak time track with a nasty sub bass, spacey synths and a raw snare groove.A2 is filled in by the creators of the first release, MASI. The brothers deliver a track which is a blend of subgenres that will be noticeable on the dancefloor. B1 is made by Otis. The Berlin based artist delivers an old school electro influenced track blend with synth pop melodies.B2 is created by DAWL. A true old school 2 step electro track complimented with spacey synths.
Fourth D21 release by Saigg, Argentinian producer and Dj. Sublim is a Techno and electro E.P. that continues the heavy atmosphere of the label. Saigg takes us into a savage world of intense beats and futuristic melodies. An E.P. with a great production ready to destroy any mind that crosses his path.
After the amazing response for our first release, we couldn’t be more excited to share new energy with you.For this second release, the creativity is collective, giving birth to the first Various Artists of the Label.The two young talents Alex Dima & Munir Nadir, from Outcast Torino, give a clear example of their excellent music taste.Moving North-West towards Center-East Italy, you find yourself in the Riviera shores. Luca Piermattei, from Pesaro, is a true taste-maker of this scene, and we’re sure you’ll agree with that after listening to his stunning composition. Closing out the EP, our dear friends from Rimini, Smoud Beats, residents at Buongiorno Classic, deliver a d-floor acid bomb you can hardly resist.
Closing this year with number 4, a release already in the works since last year, finally ready to spin on every turntable! This one sees a compilation of Jed Town's tracks under his Jedeye moniker. Jed is one of those guys that has a great trip in the artistic world. Starting out in Punk/EBM/Industrial bands like Features, SPK, Superettes, Fetus Productions and more, doing visual art and moving to more techno and ambient side. Till this days, Jed still is involved with music and art. In the late 80's Jed moved to London, the places where his more techno side was forming under the name ICU, with which he released 1 CD and 2 EP's under Sawtooth Recordings. Working as a Lighting and Club Visual artist for club Knowledge where he was working alongside Colin Dale and Colin Faver and also as visual artist for bands and artists like Test Dept, Danielle Dax, GTO and Surgeon just to name a few. A tour in 1995 with ICU in New Zealand led to his return there where then his Jedeye moniker was formed. Tracks are chosen from his album "Reflector" released back in 1999 on a rock music Label from New Zealand called Felix Records. Normally it's very unlikely to find Techno/Electro/House releases on a rock label, but Jed has a long backround of music from Punk to EBM and Industrial Rock, Ambient and so on. Given the circumstances, the album was a long lost gem in the utterly vast space called music, where only a few people stumbled upon it, staying mysterious up until recently. Hand stamped and limited to 300 copies!
Powerfully epic breaky sound hailing from the UK during the early 90s. Beautiful tempo juxtaposition of fast passed driving beats pushed by low ph bass lines under slower piano riffs and patient vocal elements making it a hard one to forget. Low end elements clearly carved from primordial UK Bass aesthetics taking the amen break to new plateaus already very much overlapping with Drum & Bass territory. Ultra dreamy vocals on some kind of The Mamas and The Papas reincarnation, UK dreaming all the way. Heavy ending track vibes. In addition, Juan Ramos' masterful half tempo remix offers the listener a completely different experience with full respect for the original, what else to expect from someone with this caliber of dance floor education <3 meticulously remastered.
4th release on the “Classics” Division of Nocturbulous Records., Paradise 3001 “Blue Highway” is a reissue of the classic ep”, remastered for vinyl and repressed for the first time since 1993.A trancey journey into the very unique ambiance and beautiful atmosphere of the legendary D-Shake, a must have for real amateur.
A1. Sees the return of S.M.A.L.L , aka Politics Of Dancing, along with label boss Alain de Saracho; delivering the trippy groover “Transition”.A2. “Deteriorate” is an exquisite minimal funker by Felipe Valenzuela & Raum…Musik label head, Dorian Paic.B1. Saturn Drive staple, Lauhaus, drops another dance floor shaker with “IZIZIZ”B2. With his second appearance in the compilation, Alain de Saracho provides a tribal (Vinyl Only) rendition of Lauhaus’ “IZIZIZ”.
For our first release, we took 4 strong and different personalities on board.Inspired by a poem by Lourene (the talented dj/vocalist) Marcos warms us up by bringing a summery touch to a techno/house beat.Heimyl rhymes with spatial. On a 90's vibe beat, he gradually takes us into his folkloric universe.The mysterious cosmonaut takes us into limbo on an electronic beat punctuated by vibrant percussion.Acid Charlie takes us to a parallel universe with acid colors.
The second collection from Tancido maintained the label's aesthetic while fully embracing the dancefloor.
Get ready for the arrival of the hottest record label in town - "Joy Came Early"! Their debut vinyl release by Pelle, with a remix by Man/ipulate, is a joy-filled explosion. This music will make you dance, dance, and wiggle your legs in sheer delight. "Joy Came Early" - the label that proves joy doesn't wait. So let's get our groove on and indulge in some delightful leg-tapping fun!
Introducing Kuusou, a record label that delves into the captivating realm of fantasy, with a strong emphasis on Japanese culture. Embarking on its maiden voyage, Kuusou unveils its inaugural chapter featuring a mesmerizing artist, shrouded in mystery. Prepare to be enchanted as "J6" emerges from the shadows, presenting an extraordinary four-track EP that unleashes a wave of passionate electro house.
BAR Musica side project BAR Re-Present is proud to welcome for the second release the real Italian house music master Ricky Montanari. His always been considered one of the main artist related to the italo house scene - being part of the legendary Ethos Mana Club and Echoes Club - having produced classics like the Riviera Traxx and the Omnivores releases, just to name few.Being a good friend and mentor of BAR Musica Label Head Bartolomeo - they dig together into Ricky’s DAT cassettes and found these two gems that NEVER GOT RELEASED BEFORE.