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Pre-Orders (Small Black Dots Distribution Exclusives)

Yu is in charge of the 9th release on Discarded gems. His unique and recognisable style defines these 4 cuts, each of it is ready to drive the dance floor!
Diggers Society is an underground electronic music label based in Barcelona. This debut release encapsulates the label's musical philosophy, featuring two tracks produced by legends Francesco Farfa and Miki (in collaboration with Niki IL B and Andrea Melly), and two tracks produced by talented artists from the new generation such as Luca Piermattei and Lucio. The result is a complete EP, featuring 4 different dancefloor-oriented productions, each one for a different moment of the night.Artwork by @designattitude_graphic
In this fifth release of 616 LAB the Sicilian artist 616 delights us and gives us the chance to have in our Bag a record with four super tracks for the club to play in any amount of the set! All recorded in live on the two-track tape recorder (revox a77) without the help of computers AND microchips. Love transistor
After the last EP from Niki, Twig comes back with an ep from the Ukrainian producer O'FortyFour…the 4 tracks have very similar sounds but each one is made for a different moment of your set…enjoy
Found on some misplaced old warped cassette tapes from the 90s, ‘The One’ was recreated using the original TriForm studio equipment‘Within’ is a more recent TriForm track, recorded in a late night studio session‘Day Break’ was developed from a live jam track performed at a Seekers party in Berlin’s Hoppetosse
Re/United Records is a new venture created by international DJ and Music Producer Paolo Driver, with the collaborator and executive producer Kyko, and elite pianist and composer Alberto Bof.
Backward Futura, exploring the sounds and vibes of 80’s and 90’s electronica through the lenses of the new Millennium. Third release courtesy of Rifeño. Cinematic breaks and tropical bleep, the soundtrack for the Axel Foley of the new millennium.
Deep in the forest are two pools of water. It is a place that is used to obtain healing, and it is where this music takes us: through the darkness of dreams to a new version of ourselves, which has found the light again.
After 3 compilations featuring various artists, Hypnotic Mindscapes delivers their first Extended Play material by label owner Cosmic JD. Laelaps EP features 3 original cuts by the Hypnotic artist, plus an astute remix by Ecuadorian electronic music pioneer Nicola Cruz. 4 versatile, dancefloor-tested tracks ranging from deep techno, 80’s electro and trance-infused acid. A kind form of telekinesis, giving meaning to our broken systems. Relax, within the quackery of stability. Includes a color-print inlay by artist Abbas Rizvi.
RITMOTHERAPY is the brainchild from the creative minds behind one of London's most vibrant music brands, Ritmo London.THRPY001 sets the tone with an enthralling cosmic journey crafted by the talented Volodymyr Gnatenko. Prepare to lose yourself in the unique and captivating world of his creative compositions.
The music coming from Vrsion & Nikol’s collaboration captured our attention from the very first listen. With this tenth O.C.D release, we strive to showcase timeless music that we feel will be appreciated as much now as well into the future. Together they are ‘Body Copy’, a collaborative project between two artists which blossomed in Leeds. Gavin Herlihy (Vrsion), a name that won’t be new to those who were around the early 2000s when he was releasing his music with the most interesting labels of the time and lately on Craig Richard’s The Nothing Special label. Chris Nicholls (Nikol), resident of the Leeds-Barcelona project MASS has taken steps into his production career with promising results on their first record. For us, this EP has a very special flavour, expressing darker tones compared to the latest EPs on the label.
Release 8 on Nightflight Records is delivered by TN, a moniker of a Belgian producer with numerous releases on quality labels. Flux White released the producer’s first EP as TN in 2019.This three-tracker digs deep into the vaults of TN’s productions, containing the first track he ever made (Novice but True). These are three pure dancefloor tracks; no pretention just effective DJ tracks to dance to reminiscing simpler house days.
It’s approximately been a year since Antoine lost what would have been his debut album, ironically dubbed ‘Humour. Positivity & Affection’. In its wake, stemmed the idea for the producer to reform his conceptually based project (Mise En Place) into a vinyl only label.The Land Down Dunder EP being the first, of hopefully, many releases throughout this new imprint. The label head feels there is no better way to start this campaign, than with a body of work, entirely inspired by the modern, timeless TV Sitcom - The Office (US).The opener ‘Australian Reds’ looks to bridge the gap between Progressive House and Antoine interpretation of Minimal. Matched with Ghanian inherited grooves of course.‘Colombian Whites’ as suggested by its title, widens the eyes and warms the soul with its textbook, 90’s House inspired Kicks, Hi’s and Baseline. Synthy melodies run throughout the mid(s) of the track to marry the ensemble together. Fitting for all terrains, but would be highly favoured in the Summer. The B-Side flips the script in tone, tempo and texture - pulling on Antoine’s repertoire for groove laden Techno - ‘Cafe Disco (AK’s Rare Groove Dub)’ brings you to the after hours of any setting with it’s full bodied percussive rhythms, beautifully automated soundscapes and highly persuasive swing.Lastly, the EP is capped off by ‘Threat Level Midnight’. A nod to Antoine’s versatility within the realms of House and Techno. An incredibly versatile track, structurally inspired by the producers love of Hip-Hop. A cacophony of ethereal chord progressions run throughout the track alongside one moody baseline, as well as solemn drum patterns which progress in both body-feel and stature.


With 3 previous albums on L.I.E.S. we welcome Tom Carruthers to Emotions Electric! Taking inspiration from the golden era of early 90s house & techno he has proven himself to be a new artist mastering that old-skool sound we all love. For fans of early Nu Groove, Transmat etc.. TIP!
Two rare mid 90?s gems back to back from Berlin label Above the plug, After hours is the stand out track from Hi tech Criminals 1997 Self released extremely Rare Rise Up EP. Still getting played on various radio stations and Dance floors across the world, On the flip is another rare track Back to coney from the 1994 Journeyman release, Cut at Abbey road studios, the track was a dance floor favourite and contained a cheeky warriors film sample, Journeyman later became Hi tech Criminal after another Journeyman popped up, both tracks have been remastered by Analogcut mastering Berlin
From Manchester to Sydney Tonal Oceans presents the first ever vinyl issue of a selection of tracks from the legendary 1994 Atonement cassette (originally released on Clan Analogue).
Deep and hypnotic. That pretty much sums up the new Nacreous-EP by Shoal on the Dutch imprint NOWHERE. The title refers to a certain glow or color that mother-of-pearl radiates. Shoal is the alter ego of Utrecht-resident Kenny Dean Kneefel. When you have a name that sounds like a famous stuntman, you are probably prepared to take more risks. And indeed that's exactly what this producer from the lowlands does on Nacreous. Shoal's four track EP combines hallucinant grooves with delicate sound design. Like on Bygone Drums, where ominous distant sounds from a nearby factory creep between the shadows. The same can be said of the title track, a tribalistic tune with a delicate dark undertone. Never Endings is more uplifting, with its dubbed out basslines and crispy hi-hats. Dubtechno that reminds us of both Monolake and Fluxion. Closing track Morning Float is indeed that, a trip in a blue tank filled with warm water, where you are comforted by beautiful strings and sounds of nature.
Next on Coming from... Returning to... DIN - Fantastic Planet. Originally released on DOVerecords in 1992 gets it’s long awaited reissue.“Fantastic Planet represents the first international release by DIN, the disko project of Pupka Frey,formed in 1987. Inspired by the surreal Czech animated film. Fantastic Planet is an artificialsoundtrack to a space-horror fantasy. Albeit predictably, the music is completely electronic, withemphasis on analog textures reminiscent of the 70’s electronic movement. New elements havebeen added, most notably the very fashionable tekno sound. “Excerpt from Fantastic Planet’s CD Booklet


‘WAR1209’ finds Ukrainian artist shjva inducing trance states across an album equal parts tripped-out and dubby. Spanning brooding lysergic visions and locked-in dance floor hypnosis, expect drowsily impressionistic soundscapes and darkly cinematic gear across the 9-track duration. Total sonic immersion for the oddballs and the freaks.
Terraforming uncharted alien terrain, tracks like ‘X-Side’ and ‘Upper Limit’ descend into sprawling, widescreen exploration. Fathomless landscapes serving as vessels for deep introspection. ‘Enigmatic’, on the other hand, opts for detail and precision-tooled dynamics while retaining that same wide-eyed sense of wonder. Where ‘Dragonfly’ offers fractal fuel for ceremony and ritual, ‘Cloudhopping’ and ‘Psy-Fi Alien Dub’ wade knee-deep through some dub techno murk. Saving the direct and tunnelling for last, 'Banshee' and 'Chrysalis' are like two sides of the same proggy coin; one ominous, the other more optimistic and utopian.

22Recordings pres: 22 24/7 days a year in order to dance
N-Gynn drops the second release on his and Thoma Bulwer’s Classique label with four undeniable bombs in his vintage style with a modern twist. Acido is on a classic house tip with sexy female vocals that will get you up, out and dancing with all your best moves, shakes and cheeky smiles. Bandido is on a similarly vibe with deep chords and bumpy house groove to boot! Red-E is more on a deeper techno tip and will take you into new cosmic plains, while PH Neutral will put you straight back into hazy Hackney Wick minimal states of consciouses.Early support from Raresh, Voigtmann, tINI, Enzo, Rhadoo, Harry McCanna, Silverlining and Anna Wall.All tracks written and produced by N-GynnEngineer Remi Mazet.Mixed and Mastered by Thoma Bulwer at TB Mastering, Hackney Wick, London
[HARMONY014] is a four-track VA compilation that blends warm rhythm into dreamy groove.Club-oriented A-side opens with “It’s me bb” tailored by Alfred Czital, setting an intimate, yet vibrant tone of the compilation, followed by Jamida's melodic “Lots Of Love” infused in harmonic vocals.Side B navigates through deeper-end density fields, suitable on or off the dance floor. Poygonia's “Akkala” encompasses tribal traditions and pulsing beats, while Andy Garvey's Euphorique is finding balance between divine pads and collapsing percussion, wrapping up the compilation.
"Flight Mode's second release of the year has arrived. Get ready for a powerful V/A that brings together the artistic visions of four producers rooted in Switzerland, the label's birthplace."
Anybody said local talent? These 4 Barcelona-based producers join forces to give life to Simple Times, putting together 4 dance-floor tools tainted with the touch of the 90’s. Aiming to preserve a timeless vibe, the tracks in this compilation touch on all flavors of progressive house music – they’re an ode to Italian and American House Music produced between 1990 and 1995, with an impeccable upbeat energy and driving percussions.