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Pre-Orders (Small Black Dots Distribution Exclusives)

Episode three for Leeds-Barcelona collective MASS connects both cities at the heart of their project with two artists from each scene.A1 features the talented Leeds-based producer Ollie Burgess aka Zuul/R.O.E as he adds another alias to his belt, AS Groove. He is joined by Barcelona-based Driahn, a seasoned artist in the heart of the city and one-half of the DJ Service project. Monile brings her dreamy visions to the B-side, an artist who continues to blossom with her infectious and spirited taste. Resident Nikol concludes the EP with a timeless breakbeat cut to finish this Leeds-Barcelona connection.
Long ago there were two enchantresses who journeyed into the centre of the Forest taking the left-hand path into darkness.
We are very happy to share with you our third vinyl release: Presagio (FYC007) by uruguayanyoung producer Molen.
We’re back, this time with another VA for the second instalment of our Extrasensorial Catalog, which aims to sooth your soul and ignite your senses.A1 is brought to you by Stefano Andriezzi, starting off with an explosive peak-time bomb, promising to keep your subwoofers trembling the dance floor in constant delight, and your neighbors shouting for more. A2 introduces Lo-Lo, an uprising artist from Uruguay, who brings us a mesmerizing track filled with rich textures, immersive pads, dynamic percussions and an all-around trippy, Egyptian-inspired ambience.On the B side, we start off by heading over all the way to the UK, presenting a profound and introspective gem by non-other than one of Fabric’s residents, Anna Wall, that will, without a doubt, transport you into a perpetual hypnotic state. B2, courtesy of the duo Dream World (Chicaiza & Tro), offers a deep, emotional and intricate drum programming with a bit of a nostalgic vibe that will bring the heat no matter the time, a real masterpiece living up to the name of the duo.Finally, we are more than glad to introduce Lan°, a young and very gifted artist hailing from Argentina, who’s interpretation of electronic music seamlessly melds the old school spirit and charm with a refreshing twist from the new generation, always blowing our minds.
Yu is in charge of the 9th release on Discarded gems. His unique and recognisable style defines these 4 cuts, each of it is ready to drive the dance floor!
After the last EP from Niki, Twig comes back with an EP from Ukrainian producer O'FortyFour. Four dark and powerful club tracks for the dancefloor…enjoy!
Found on some misplaced old warped cassette tapes from the 90s, ‘The One’ was recreated using the original TriForm studio equipment‘Within’ is a more recent TriForm track, recorded in a late night studio session‘Day Break’ was developed from a live jam track performed at a Seekers party in Berlin’s Hoppetosse


VOYKOT initiates its inaugural release featuring the enigmatic producer PANICO EN DIRECTO ina concise mini LP format. Comprising 6 tracks, this collection showcases robust percussion anddaring melodies, spanning a broad spectrum of EBM and Techno influences.
A new four tracker by risk management productions crew member, Tom Carruthers! You know his massive records that made noise for L.I.E.S. and now he is back with a four track slamming old school Chicago style floor burner. Total mix show hour material!Note from the label:Risk Management productions is here!The first officially sanctioned sub-label of L.I.E.S. records, Risk Management is a full scale production team and label dedicated to preserving the integrity of dance music and collectively eliminating all the wack music that has been polluting your airwaves as of recent times. Tired of all that noise out there? Let the Risk Management production crew lead you in the right direction. We look back to the days when names really meant something and producers and DJs had real resumes to prove it, not some randon no name talking bs on the web. We look to when there was a true dedication and respect for the craft. Think of Musto and Bones, How And Little, The Burrell Brothers, DEF MIX productions, MAW, you get the idea, real production teams who made a mark, djs who really dj'ed and made the culture what it was. Risk Management is a small hand picked crew of like minded producers and DJs dedicated to the ways of old, bringing fresh music to you for the club. No posing, just music!More info to come!
The Chronicles of Bleep unfold, a legendary era of the past returns. True Confession Three by “Dawn Of The Underworld” - “Cause N Effect”. A Dan Piu & Venus News Network Label Project. Bleep.
With 3 previous albums on L.I.E.S. we welcome Tom Carruthers to Emotions Electric! Taking inspiration from the golden era of early 90s house & techno he has proven himself to be a new artist mastering that old-skool sound we all love. For fans of early Nu Groove, Transmat etc.. TIP!
From Manchester to Sydney Tonal Oceans presents the first ever vinyl issue of a selection of tracks from the legendary 1994 Atonement cassette (originally released on Clan Analogue).