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Matthew Dexter
Future Radionica

Future Radionica
Future RadionicaFuture Radionica




1x Vinyl 12"



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Future Radionica Matthew Dexter Foundation - FNDTN00009

After a one and half year hiatus we are back with the Foundation debut of a talent who’s always been bound to be part of our family. Matthew Dexter shares with us “Future Radi-onica:” a special four tracker shaped to fit our output. Straying away from his usual darker trademark sound, Matthew presents an EP full of light and energy to kickstart a path into new territories, both for him and us alike.

With a bass-line begging for movement “The Future” is made for all types of dancers look-ing to let loose. Straight to the point and without a hassle, it’s guaranteed to secure energy on the floor.

“Quantum Tangerine” brings us into our first ambient journey and showcases Matthew’s highly skilled sound design achieved through complex layering, textures, vocal play and ad-vanced audio engineering techniques.

A mix of diverse 90’s influences takes us to the next point in our journey “Yantra Radionica.” A bit of Goa, a touch of techno and a lot trance makes this the perfect track for the darker hours of the night. A rolling bass-line tangled to eerie yet energetic sounds make this the perfect fit for one of our favourite contrasting styles, which can best be described as “dark yet uplifting.”

The best part of many nights are ofen lived in the morning hours, when only the true enthu-siasts remain. “Sequoia’s Hymn” is perfect for those bits in 4me where its all about the mu- sic. Like the name suggests it draws on grandiose energies while remaining calm and subtle much like the wind blowing through the forests of the biggest trees on planet earth.

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The Future


Quantum Tangerine


Yantra Radionica


Sequoia’s Hymn

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