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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

May 14, 2023


This is the third release on the “For Playful Manners” label, a split record by Gwenan and Camiflage. Originally from Wales and living in Berlin, Gwenan Spearing is an algorithmic coder during the day and a DJ and producer by night. Gwenan presents on For Playful Manners 03 some of her first club music compositions (and there are plenty more to follow!). Camiel Hermans aka Camiflage takes charge of the flipside. Based in Brussels/Belgium, Camiel is a movie animator during weekdays and a producer, label owner (Snaretrade Records) and DJ during the wee hours of the weekend.

Track ? and ? written and produced by Gwenan Spearing in Berlin, Germany
Track ? and ? written and produced by Camiel ‘Camiflage’ Hermans, recorded at home, Altitude 100, Brussels, Belgium

Gwenan tracks mixed by Ismael Zouaoui.
Camiflage tracks mixed by Sergio Moreira.
Mastered and cut by Stefan at Scape Mastering Berlin.
Crossword puzzles by Joe Delon.
Artwork by Samantha Millows.
Both tracks were selected by Walrus and Adi who are running For Playful Manners label.
Camiflage Shout-out to the Planet crew and Benji the Dinosaur.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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