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Circadian Rhythms
Basic Moves 11

Basic Moves 11
Basic Moves 11Basic Moves 11




2x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Oct 28, 2019

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Optima Dance



Morphing Chords



Nocturnal Fly



Must Be



Sleeping Soul



Performing Crimes


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Analog Concept adds a premium 6th entry to the label catalogue from Russia's electro and acid connoisseur, the always talented Low Tape. Liquid, Seamless, and Lush is the order of the atmosphere in the aptly titled Lost Heaven EP. The title track Lost Heaven is a refreshing audio journey filled with smooth electro rhythms, sparkling acid leads and basslines, and therapeutic pads pushing the groove and cerebral modes to the max. The remix from veteran producer John Beltran is just as fun with his take on the story, including some silky hats and snares, mind nourishing synths, and a confident acid bassline for a good time. The track has a very interesting ending.Flip over on the B side to continue the fun ride with Cosmic Tides- a spacy and tasty dish of old school Detroit flavor featuring sharp arps of insight, basslines of funk, and dynamic atmospheres seamlessly fusing classy techno and ambient.The finale of the ep is in fine fashion with the kick-driven electro rhythms and blue water-reflecting sky melodies of Magnetic Resonance- an energetic track with an aquatic vibe, moody personality, and breezy pads- perfect for a Saturday out domain or the Brain.
Nearly 10 years on since his last solo LP, Berlin techno icon Marcel Dettmann arrives on Dekmantel with an expansive album captured in a flash of inspiration.In many ways Fear Of Programming is a reflection on the artistic process – the critical hurdles one has to overcome, the constant strive for originality, the ability to capture inspiration in its pure moment of inception. Bar the closing title track (and we all know Marcel loves a surprise closing), these 13 tracks came together during a period in which our hirsute host was able to immerse himself in studio practice and set the intention to record an album’s worth of material every single day. From the resulting mass of work there were many options to choose from, and Fear Of Programming stood out as one of the most complete statements on Dettmann’s approach in the here and now.Unconcerned with an overarching concept, it was the work in the studio which drove the musical direction. No labouring over knotty arrangements, no painstaking mix downs – just honest expression, a moment caught, a groove locked, a stroke of synth sent pirouetting over a cavernous bed of texture. The results are varied, and while you might well hear plenty of bruising machinations in line with the techno Dettmann has made his name on, there are plenty of other shades expressed across the album.Ambient sojourns, beatless epics and angular electronica have equal footing with strident, floor-friendly workouts. Standout piece ‘Water’ offers an icy ballet of swinging minimal and drip-drop melodics fronted by Ryan Elliott on lesser-spotted vocal duties, urging, ‘give me a sign, just a little something to let me know that you’re mine’. It’s playful, but still underpinned with the sincerity that comes with Dettmann’s work.Running on instinct, Dettmann presents an honest version of himself in the here and now, speaking through the sonics and not over-thinking the results. His decades of experience helming a thousand techno parties speak for themselves, while his evolution as a musical entity through collaboration and his own BAD MANNERS label demonstrate his appetite for change. Indeed, the working method which resulted in the album also spurred him on to create a live set beyond his well-established DJ practice. Without resorting to a conceited overhaul, Fear Of Programming opens up the idea of what Dettmann represents in the modern techno landscape.