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Dez EP

Dez EP
Dez EPDez EP






1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Jan 1, 2016

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Dez (TC80 Remix)











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Extremely rude, extremely powerful, extremely Detroit. You will never miss this one if you are on the dance floor. The boss of Visillusion records was one of the first music producers and DJ’s who dipped his toes into the deep black pond of techno. Actually, that was so long ago that nobody knew the name of this genre at the time. From 1987 he has appeared under different monikers around the globe for many occasions and he is definitely cannot be stopped.Fresh three-tracker from Thomas Barnett is a gold horse. Moscow-based Exarde has got you covered if you are one of those DJ’s who like lifting heavy weights. Just pop the A-side on the deck without even looking and let this warehouse bounce. But don’t forget to flip it in a few minutes because the B-side has a more experimental feel if we might say and just can’t be missed by any electronic music aficionado.
After the quadruple compilation "Flash Dynamic Triade Color Test", seekers come back with a beautiful LP...."What He Does"... 4 tracks recorded in tape cassette in the 90's and 4 tracks recorded in the 2000s + an intro where the producer's father is explaining on the phone to a friend how his son is producing electronic music with his gear....artwork by Mona Bit.
Second release on “For Playful Manners” label. This time around we present to you Penelope and Ludovic who share roots in the same culture but have been influenced by different surroundings in a lifetime journey. Keeping it warm and playful they deliver dancefloor heat as well as trippy sounds that will lock you in the groove ! Get in the game and discover the positions of the tracks so you find out who made which track.track ? and ? written and produced by Penelope 2019 in Lisbon - Portugaltrack ? and ? written and produced by Ludovic in Lima - Perú 2019All tracks mixed by Dan Piu in Zurich 2021.Mastered and cut by Stefan at Scape Mastering Berlin.Crossword puzzles by Joe Delon.