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Deep Beep

Deep Beep
Deep BeepDeep Beep






1x Vinyl 12" Reissue Remastered



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Jul 11, 2022

Deep Beep Nev AGT Records - AGT003

Tim ‘Nev’ Prezzano was born in June, 1969. A lifelong resident of New York, he studied Photography, Philosophy and American Art, before turning his attention to early computer language and music theory, and how it related to Human Psychology.
Nev was relatively unknown until a string of mysterious releases appeared on the UK based GPR, specialising in Techno and Electronic music from the early 90’s. They were 6 track mini-LPs; musical odysseys that had shades of early IDM, techno, electro and house. Nev’s musical philosophy was to extract the soul from the machines he worked with - he didn’t believe in artificial intelligence, but ‘software touched with life’. As quoted from a review on Discogs for one of Nev’s releases, ‘no amount of digital trickery can replace an artist with some synths, a sampler and a few good ideas’.
For Nev’s ‘Deep Beep’ EP, this observation is particularly accurate. Originally released in 1991 on the New York based label Metamerism, it came at a time when artists were experimenting with instruments and machines, blurring the lines between genre or style to get to the soul beneath their fingertips. The Frankenstein-esque nature of this sound can be heard across this sprawling 3 tracker, and the EP has garnered cult status online, with the few copies available reaching up to £100.
Sadly, Tim is no longer with us, following his passing in June 2018 from Type 1 diabetes.
For this release, we are donating the proceeds from sales to the JDRF, a charity researching and preventing the effects of Type 1 diabetes. We are grateful to give you this opportunity to enter the mysterious world of Tim ‘Nev’ Prezanno, all in good time.

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Deep Beep (How Deep Can You Creep?)


Deep Beep (How Deep Can You Sleep?)


Deep Beep (How Deep Can You Bleep?)

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