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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

May 3, 2024

WAR1209 Shjva WARNING - WAR1209

‘WAR1209’ finds Ukrainian artist shjva inducing trance states across an album equal parts tripped-out and dubby. Spanning brooding lysergic visions and locked-in dance floor hypnosis, expect drowsily impressionistic soundscapes and darkly cinematic gear across the 9-track duration. Total sonic immersion for the oddballs and the freaks.

Terraforming uncharted alien terrain, tracks like ‘X-Side’ and ‘Upper Limit’ descend into sprawling, widescreen exploration. Fathomless landscapes serving as vessels for deep introspection. ‘Enigmatic’, on the other hand, opts for detail and precision-tooled dynamics while retaining that same wide-eyed sense of wonder. Where ‘Dragonfly’ offers fractal fuel for ceremony and ritual, ‘Cloudhopping’ and ‘Psy-Fi Alien Dub’ wade knee-deep through some dub techno murk. Saving the direct and tunnelling for last, 'Banshee' and 'Chrysalis' are like two sides of the same proggy coin; one ominous, the other more optimistic and utopian.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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shjva - X-Side


shjva - Upper Limit


PLAN - Natural Regeneration


shjva - Enigmatic


shjva - Dragonfly

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Magic Ritmo returns with their second release, a highly demanded reissue of ‘G.F.X. - Eternal’ originally released in 1990.Shrouded in mystery, the record has gained cult status among veteran ravers, record collectors and those who are allured by the spiritual and ethereal quality the record embodies. Magic Ritmo is delighted to lift the cloak and share the story of the record and artist through a fully licensed and remastered release.G.F.X. is the alias of Geoff Waterston, a musician, producer and engineer from the coastal town of Whitley Bay, North East England. G.F.X. was born from a youth spent tampering with electronics, taping drum beats off the radio and resourcefully discovering his creativity. Performing originally locally, G.F.X. quickly became a name spotted on the line up of many acid house nights that were popping up across the North east, as the area began to receive their first transfusion of acid house.Often hidden away from the archives documenting this time, the North East of England was a pivotal and culturally rich scene amongst the acid house movement. Most prominently, and fondly spoken of, was Middlesbrough’s ‘Butter Loggie’, a bizarre sounding party that grew to crowds as big 10,000 youths partying at the Herlingshaw Centre in Eston, a community centre by day and place of pilgrimage by night for those eager to experience the beginning of acid house. G.F.X. performed regularly at the Butter Loggie and recalls the impact and ferality of the event, a wild and loose party where the soundsystem shook through your bones. These early experiences provided Geoff with his first glimpses of spirituality, which provided much of the inspiration behind the EP’s title track ‘Eternal’.The story and legacy of ‘Eternal’ lives on, remastered and reimagined through the lens of Magic Ritmo.Limited 500 copies.180g vinyl including inserts.We would like to thank Geoff and Zara for their trust in us and allowing us the honour of putting this important piece of culture back into the world."Eternal was a snapshot of a time when an opening up of alternative lifestyles, spirituality, political activism and music were creating an overall sense of freedom and separation from mainstream society.And for the first time in my life, I felt a sense of peace and belonging that I had never experienced before and that's where eternal emerged from"
Following a short hiatus, Superlux Records returns for their 9th exploration into the expanses of house, techno, and electro by welcoming the exciting, emerging Dutch producer and DJ Mathijs Smit to their roster.As soon as Smit grabbed the attention of the Superlux crew with his hybrid production style and trademark vocoder work, they knew these were earworms destined for their catalog. Marking his first solo EP since 2021, Smit showcases his development In the studio on the 'Twisted Minds' EP with four modern, stylish house cuts loaded with versatility for use from peak time to warm up.The release starts as it means to go on with 'Changed My Mind (But Not Myself).' A sleek, forward-thinking house jam that salutes to the past with a fast-paced, organ bass melody and intricate drum-machine programming, setting the tone nicely for what's to follow. The A-side wraps up with 'My Mind Is Yours'. Shades of golden-era Italian progressive to this one, a straight no-nonsense feel-good party starter; mark your cards for summer.On the flip, we get deeper into the groove starting with 'Plugger'. A shuffling beat underscores a moodier bassline with acid flourishes to give this one a bit more of a basement feel, although the bright synths do leave enough versatility in this one to work in multiple settings; a testament to Smit's dexterity on the buttons! Closing out proceedings is the interminably funky 'Quiero, ' the last track submitted by Smit, which is suitably the one to close out a seriously impressive debut on the imprint.The release continues Superlux's proud lineage of discerning dance music, with Smit being a welcome addition to a roster already sporting the quality of N-GYNN, Paul Blackford, LVCA & Thoma Bulwer. Expect more as the label continues its development in 2024 and beyond.
Marco Donato/Italoboyz is back to black (vinyl) with his debut on Luca Piermattei and Gäbrø’s label Polarity Records. The Ep continues and fully represents the label concept, far from trends and the sound of the moment. A release that encapsulates many moments of a club adventure, from straight dance- floor actions to more ethereal/trippy moments among the 4 tracks. Luca Piermattei adds 2 remixes, an uncompromising floor killer and a modern twisting post-house swirl, that make this ep one of those records that won’t leave the bag for very long time.
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