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Digital Rubber EP
Digital Rubber EPDigital Rubber EP




1x Vinyl 12" Reissue Remastered



Release date

Feb 24, 2023

For their second EP Linale Records have dug out two tracks from the Australian production team of Andy Rantzen, Paul McDermott and Anthony Maher. Previously only released on separate CDs in 1997, these tracks have been newly remastered and are available for the first time together on vinyl, presented alongside a brand new rework of Digital Rubber by fellow Aussie Rudolf C.

Vinyl only - Limited to 300 copies

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Boo-Boo, Mace & Nutcase - Digital Rubber


Boo-Boo, Mace & Nutcase - Digital Rubber (Rudolf C Remix)


Boo Boo & Mace - Hejaz

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It was maybe only a matter of time before DJs Luca Lozano and Dawl collaborated on a record, the two artists have been circling each other in orbit for years now. 'Cybernetik Synergy' plays on the virtual space created between the two producers while working online, the tracks on the EP were sketched out, passed back and forth in folders until they were finished...meaning the artists never actually met in person. The result is both bleepy and breaky, its a rave record that takes in the duo's influences and love of old classic dance hits. The theme of technocractic collaboration is developed further by the final (vinyl-only) track, a collection of separate stems from the A1 that enable the listeners to be able remix the tracks themselves and then send in to the label via the QR code on the sleeve.
re:discovery records is happy and proud to honor a beloved and missed amazing electronic producer Jake Stephenson. Sadly, Jake passed away in 2005 but his music lives on with us forever. A prolific producer with hundreds of credits under many names and many styles. On the record insert inside this EP, his brother Silas and fellow producer and friend Brian Trower share some special stories of Jake as a person and a musician. An eccentric hippie of sorts, music historian and audio savant certainly, Jake was truly a unique, talented and special person. While a 5 track EP hardly scratches the surface, we at re:discovery wanted to honor an artist who impacted the label owner and the history of chill out music more than maybe some know. 50% of the proceeds to go the charity Silas picked to honor his late brother.
“Introducing Force Rouge, Force Bleu, and more – a series of 8 vinyl EPs related to Digital albums on bandcamp, that bring the essence of the 90s techno era to life. Each EP is a carefully curated collection of the digital album’s top 4 banger tracks, representing the very best of our musical journey.Following the vinyl EP release, the complete album becomes available in digital format. This unique approach allows us to pay homage to the nostalgic sounds of the 90s while also offering a modern digital experience.Our project draws inspiration from the iconic Power Rangers, with each vinyl EP and digital album featuring a distinct color scheme that captures the spirit of the futuristic world we create.Step into our world where music meets nostalgia, and let the Power Rangers guide you through the sonic landscape of the 90s techno era. Welcome to « Force Rouge, Force Bleu, Jaune, Vert, Rose, Noire, Blanche, Éclair and beyond. »
Analog Concept adds a premium 6th entry to the label catalogue from Russia's electro and acid connoisseur, the always talented Low Tape. Liquid, Seamless, and Lush is the order of the atmosphere in the aptly titled Lost Heaven EP. The title track Lost Heaven is a refreshing audio journey filled with smooth electro rhythms, sparkling acid leads and basslines, and therapeutic pads pushing the groove and cerebral modes to the max. The remix from veteran producer John Beltran is just as fun with his take on the story, including some silky hats and snares, mind nourishing synths, and a confident acid bassline for a good time. The track has a very interesting ending.Flip over on the B side to continue the fun ride with Cosmic Tides- a spacy and tasty dish of old school Detroit flavor featuring sharp arps of insight, basslines of funk, and dynamic atmospheres seamlessly fusing classy techno and ambient.The finale of the ep is in fine fashion with the kick-driven electro rhythms and blue water-reflecting sky melodies of Magnetic Resonance- an energetic track with an aquatic vibe, moody personality, and breezy pads- perfect for a Saturday out domain or the Brain.
The UK Electro duo Transparent Sound reissue the infamous Slang City EP.Long before electro returned to prominence Transparent Sound were serving up world class must-check slabs of body-popping electronic brilliance.In fact, Transparent Sound are now approaching the third decade of continuous releases and and yet remain more current now that ever with releases lined up with Tresor, Pressure Traxx, John Selways - Serotonin and various others in the pipeline along with clusters of live sets and Dj gigs around Europe and US lined up this year. It seems Orson Bramley the original founder of Transparent Sound one of the UK longest running electro acts is unstoppable.
Long-time associate, LT, inputs the expected value—supplied in demand.