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Panico En Directo
Television (Mini LP)

Television (Mini LP)
Television (Mini LP)Television (Mini LP)






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Television (Mini LP) Panico En Directo VOYKOT - VKT001

VOYKOT initiates its inaugural release featuring the enigmatic producer PANICO EN DIRECTO in
a concise mini LP format. Comprising 6 tracks, this collection showcases robust percussion and
daring melodies, spanning a broad spectrum of EBM and Techno influences.

Available in a month

May 3, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Zecta Theme


Las Cosas Claras, Pero No




Panico En Directo


El Poder Absoluto


De Moda

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Flavio Folco is pleased to welcome its first release “Father Ep”.He brings his new signature inspiration from early 90’ sound and genre blendingstyle. A pumping bassline driven piece of trancy tech and the early 90’s Italian-style marking the first step in broadening FOLCO’s sound within its current musical scene. His record turned out to be warm, personal and true to his vision.Solid hardware voyages in the speakers.Logo-side is drizzled in interstellar melodies, chunky basslines and bleepy warm textures; its Info-side ventures into 90’s territory with “Nostalgic” undertones where syncopated and funky drum programming perfectly complement the bouncy bass and tumbling synth leads through deep harmony and acid influences, laced over chunky breaks and a warm analog bass.The release opens with the title track “Harmonic Disorder”, a thumping 4×4 style club cut that immediately sets the tone for the rest of the EP. This track has a relentless beat that will keep the club jumping. “Archetype” follows on the A2, a composition that showcases the true rave essence.On the info side, “Take Me Away” is a look to the past made by the heart that is sure to melt the dancefloor with rolling bass tones sat beside gritty synth pulses. Rounding off this latest output on the ItalianSound imprint is “Lifestyle”, a beautiful atmospheric design with fierce melodies and percussive drums.
Slowaxx is the solo project and live band created by Riccardo Chiarucci, a music producer, arranger and composer based in Tuscany (Italy). His first album ‘‘Shapes Interfusion’’ features a unique blend of jazz, electronic music and hip-hop, recorded with a collective of musicians and the rapper Young A.M.A.The creative process of the album involves a mix of home-studio production and live recorded sessions. Starting from ideas and demos from Riccardo, all tracks are the result of collaborative jams with musicians bringing their own styles and perception to the table. These sessions created a dialogue of personal vibrations, blending together to emerge as a collective sound.Opening the album, the track « Emoyeni » (a Zulu word for wind, soul and spirit) is a handful of thoughts fluttering in the air, expressed through a Rhodes jam played by Luca Sguera and conversing with sharp electronic drums. The following title « Y.B.A » is an electronic jazz session featuring rapper Young A.M.A. The provocative and ego-driven lyrics add a layer of complexity to this atmospheric production beside beautiful improvisations on the second part. Both tracks start as relaxed flights but step up to drive more excitement throughout the journey.Another highlight of the album is the track « Femmes », a tribute to women and an appeal against gender inequality. It features a speech from Emma Watson, drawing a line on a carpet of lounge, soul sounds and 90s sampled drums. A touching, soft electronic jazz ballad offering the perfect opening for B side.Tracks « Pantere Rosee » and « Stazione Funk » complete both sides with their own aesthetics. The first offers a pure Rhodes, bass and synth jam built on programmed acoustic drums. It’s a cartoon-esque, never-ending chase into very colourful sounds. The latter goes in the opposite way with a deconstructed sampled 90s drums, acid sounds and grooves. It is the most experimental track of the album, bringing a harsh balance to an overall chill and warm sound.Young A.M.A. returns on the ending track « No Secret » to openly express his approach and views on hip-hop while the instrumental part is built as an astral travel with multi layered keyboards echoing to a heavy bassline played by Jury Maccianti.« Shapes Interfusion » delivers a unique and thought-provoking listening experience. Not only it invites listeners on a sonic journey at the crossroads of music styles, but it is also the result of a unique creative process. By mixing live recorded sessions of improvised jams, written music and pre-recorded home-production, Riccardo Chiarucci confronted his ideas to the personalities, knowledge and feelings of seven musicians, one rapper, and their creative shapes, fused into one musical experience: Shapes Interfusion