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Inner Lakes
Dark Energy

Dark Energy
Dark EnergyDark Energy




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Apr 21, 2024



Dark Energy Inner Lakes Junction Forest - SHROOM06

Deep in the forest are two pools of water. It is a place that is used to obtain healing, and it is where this music takes us: through the darkness of dreams to a new version of ourselves, which has found the light again.

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Sleeve: M


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Dark Energy



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How do you get 'in the box'? Gal Tsadok-Hai knows. After some experiments with hardware, the Amsterdam-based electronic producer recently went back to his first love: computer composing. Thus keeping open all the options. Footsteps is his first EP for SoHaSo, filled with four tracks of adventurous, left-field explorations in rhythm and melody. cl_forwardspeed 5 is dominated by sub low baslines and razor blade rhythms, while mp_footsteps 1 nods more towards early Aphex Twin and the IDM trickery from last century. Flip the record for max_smokepuffs 999, on which Gal Tsadok- Hai proves he can also bring a straight four-four to great heights. It is both spacious and tense, which makes for a great combination. On closer sv_gravity 0 it's back to the days when melody was still the default in most techno and electro. If you like the abstract machine funk from Dopplereffekt, this might just be right up your alley.
Benge is the influential electronica artist who launched the Expanding Records label in 1995. Polyrythmic Electronica is one of the underrated gems from Benge's discography, opening the series of re-issues from digital to vinyl on the new System Of Objects imprint.Now a little bit about this release from Benge himself:"I made this extended player back in 1997, when my studio was still in the living room of my first house. The tracks were made on my fledgeling electronic studio using a combination of Roland 808 drum machine and Moog Modular IIIC synthesiser, an Akai S950 sampler and my trusty Atari sequencer, plus a bit of Lexicon LXP1 and Quadraverb for good measure. The idea I had back then was to use traditional electro-music equipment and compositional tropes, but to try and twist them into unconventional and hopefully interesting new territories. It was something I continued to explore over my following albums, most of which eschewed conventional 4-4 beats and rhythms.As a side note, "Polyrythmic Electronica" was spelt wrong on the original release, due to a typo on the artwork that went unnoticed until after its release, and we decided to honour that original error on this new reissue, as one more enjoyable glitch in the system, something I have always happily embraced"
Flavio Folco is pleased to welcome its first release “Father Ep”.He brings his new signature inspiration from early 90’ sound and genre blendingstyle. A pumping bassline driven piece of trancy tech and the early 90’s Italian-style marking the first step in broadening FOLCO’s sound within its current musical scene. His record turned out to be warm, personal and true to his vision.Solid hardware voyages in the speakers.Logo-side is drizzled in interstellar melodies, chunky basslines and bleepy warm textures; its Info-side ventures into 90’s territory with “Nostalgic” undertones where syncopated and funky drum programming perfectly complement the bouncy bass and tumbling synth leads through deep harmony and acid influences, laced over chunky breaks and a warm analog bass.The release opens with the title track “Harmonic Disorder”, a thumping 4×4 style club cut that immediately sets the tone for the rest of the EP. This track has a relentless beat that will keep the club jumping. “Archetype” follows on the A2, a composition that showcases the true rave essence.On the info side, “Take Me Away” is a look to the past made by the heart that is sure to melt the dancefloor with rolling bass tones sat beside gritty synth pulses. Rounding off this latest output on the ItalianSound imprint is “Lifestyle”, a beautiful atmospheric design with fierce melodies and percussive drums.
The first solo excursion on Half Grand Records comes from label boss, Jon Doppler. Clocking in at 37 minutes, this collection plays more like a mini album than a 12”. The Artifact is full of the cavernous electro vibes that Doppler hinted at on the previously released compilations from the label. And if this record is an Artifact, it belongs at the bottom of the Mariana Trench with its alien percussion and deep, fluid bass.It’s hard to pick a favorite as any one of these tracks would add atmosphere and color to a set. “Sapphire” sounds like it would perfectly underscore the discovery of an ancient Atlantean civilization. While Tar Like Gold’s driving, arpeggiated basslines and vocal samples “tomorrow holds the key” look to the future. Take a listen and see for yourself, there’s a lot to love on this one. For fans of Morphology, CPU records, Versalife