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Orlando Voorn
Legendary EP

Legendary EP
Legendary EPLegendary EP




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Orlando Voorn, the famed Dutch DJ/producer that embraced the Detroit electronic sound from the early nineties, has graced us with three OG sounding tracks that we are proud to offer! As a tribute of respect and thanks to Mr. Voorn, we aptly titled this EP - Legendary (limited run 300 copies, special thanks to Small Black Dots, Analogcut, and R.A.N.D. Muzik).

This release has a mood for any part of the night.

Whassup! is an upbeat banger, somewhat reminiscent of a ghetto tech track, with its repetitive morphed vocal; Inner Self is a foray into the deeper side of dance music - both quite dancefloor friendly. Sparkles is a beautiful techno ambient dreamland, perfect for an intro or a reset.This EP is rounded out by a sick avant garde remix of Inner Self by Abstracta Audio's co-founder, Loner.9 of Detroit Techno Militia.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Inner Self




Inner Self

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