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Force Rouge
Force RougeForce Rouge




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 20, 2023


Force Rouge Prince de Takicardie PRINCE'S CASTLE RECORDS - PCR-1

“Introducing Force Rouge, Force Bleu, and more – a series of 8 vinyl EPs related to Digital albums on bandcamp, that bring the essence of the 90s techno era to life. Each EP is a carefully curated collection of the digital album’s top 4 banger tracks, representing the very best of our musical journey.

Following the vinyl EP release, the complete album becomes available in digital format. This unique approach allows us to pay homage to the nostalgic sounds of the 90s while also offering a modern digital experience.

Our project draws inspiration from the iconic Power Rangers, with each vinyl EP and digital album featuring a distinct color scheme that captures the spirit of the futuristic world we create.

Step into our world where music meets nostalgia, and let the Power Rangers guide you through the sonic landscape of the 90s techno era. Welcome to « Force Rouge, Force Bleu, Jaune, Vert, Rose, Noire, Blanche, Éclair and beyond. »

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Greetings From Psychedelic Space (Shorftrip Mix)


I Forgot The i (AcidiMix Short Mix).


Relax (69am Mix)


Pyranax (Equatorial Mix)

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ALIEN D aka Daniel Creahan is a staple in the NYC underground. He co-runs SWEAT EQUITY and is one half of DEKALB WORKS. For this EP, he’s cooked up 4 heady dance floor churners that draw influence from many points along the UK hardcore continuum and US tech-tonic landscape. These cuts are applicable and psychedelically functional for all times of the night. Early support and play by CCL, AceMo, Miley Serious, 2Lanes, Wngdu, Devoye, Ru, Masha, Mazewski, and Furtive.“Dream Burner'' opens up with a tantalizing, syncopated kick, a rim-shot rhythm, and a brain-scratching zoom…it starts out tiptoeing around the 4/4 and then fully gives the four only to end back where the track started…presenting you with the Beat in between the downs and ups. “Spicy Action” is the perfect mix of chill and party…dubbed-out breaks and synth stabs laced over traveling bass drum patterns. No seatbelts in this cruiser, so hang tight!Flip to the B side. “Party Glitters” is a sunrise outdoor rave anthem. Blissed out techno breaks for the long-haulers. At 8 minutes and some change, this is one you’ll want to let work its own magic…it’s a goer! “Sunrise Deli” ends the EP with tangible optimism, the power of the kinship found at a solid rave. Lush synths ease in more brain-tingling techno percussion and bring the EP to a bright close.300 copies pressed worldwide. Don’t sleep on this one.Written, produced and mixed by Alien D.Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann.Design by Nick Owen.Distributed by One Eye Witness.