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Nicobar EP
Nicobar EPNicobar EPNicobar EPNicobar EP




1x Vinyl 12" Opaque Red



Release date

Sep 30, 2023

Nicobar EP Tropic of Capricorn HistoryBeginsEveryMorningRecords - HBEM004

There, in the immense blue
amid impossible clouds
the stillness of a truth
is spread out
because Nicobar is a present gift
lost in the time of colors and green earth
of secrets that only the soul recognizes
when it opens the existence
in front of it
and all creatures visit
that blue
while nothing else matters
only this paradise in our eyes
this being here
in the powerful nature
… in the world

Available in 3 months

Sep 29, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Tropic Of Capricorn - Nicobar (Alex Neri Remix)


Tropic Of Capricorn - Nicobar (Original mix)


Tropic Of Capricorn - Made up on thoughts (Domenico Rosa Remix)


Tropic Of Capricorn - Made up on thoughts (Original mix)

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