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Dynamic Fluo
Dynamic FluoDynamic Fluo




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Aug 31, 2023

acid for the grandma acid techno dynamic fluo record vinyl underground

Electronic Label toward multiple directions and influences

Available in a month

Sep 30, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Dynamic Fluo


Slide Ultrasound


Pile Micro Trip


Octopus Harmonics

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Our exploration of Ballet Mechanique’s old DAT archives, stack full of unreleased material from the 90’s era, continues with our sixth release and materializes into the third volume of the “1992-1999 Collection” series. Like the previous two volumes of the series did, also this EP brings to lights the diverse and varied approach of Jeroen’s productions: an A side featuring more “ravey” and uplifting tunes, and a B side focused on funk fuelled electro and IDM.
It was maybe only a matter of time before DJs Luca Lozano and Dawl collaborated on a record, the two artists have been circling each other in orbit for years now. 'Cybernetik Synergy' plays on the virtual space created between the two producers while working online, the tracks on the EP were sketched out, passed back and forth in folders until they were finished...meaning the artists never actually met in person. The result is both bleepy and breaky, its a rave record that takes in the duo's influences and love of old classic dance hits. The theme of technocractic collaboration is developed further by the final (vinyl-only) track, a collection of separate stems from the A1 that enable the listeners to be able remix the tracks themselves and then send in to the label via the QR code on the sleeve.
Third release for the Limited Label BeBop.
Klasse Wrecks' first release of 2023 comes storming out of the gate, hot on the tail of Mr. Ho's previous album and his collaborative 'Eu-Li' EP with Mogwaa. 'Angel Number 909' is a collection of three versions of one track, the over-riding element in the EP is an incessant and catchy acidic synthline that bounds across racketing breakbeats and galloping basslines. Alongside the 'US Breaks' version is an old school influenced 'Acid House' version as well as a moodier 'House' mix. Three pedigree tracks that will be sure to go the distance on any dancefloor...
NICOBAR…There, in the immense blueamid impossible cloudsthe stillness of a truthis spread out because Nicobar is a present gift lost in the time of colors and green earthof secrets that only the soul recognizes when it opens the existence in front of itand all creatures visit that bluewhile nothing else matters only this paradise in our eyesthis being herein the powerful nature… in the world