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DD Chip

DD Chip
DD ChipDD Chip








1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 30, 2021

IL B - DD Chip | BeBop (BB01)

4 Electronic Breaks tracks from the brand new Limited Label BeBop

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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DD Chip






Flava la Fiaba

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New Fair Deal is back with its second release featuring Girlcop, a Miami based artist with roots in noise, punk, and dance music who has been been fast at work creating a manifesto of electronic beats for freaks. 'Cold Sweat' offers more bang for your buck with 5 tracks that will turn any dance floor into a steam room plus a bonus downtempo electro number straight from the void. Jack beats for sweaty feet, acid lines for twisted minds, and plenty of drum workouts to shake a$$. This is Chicago-inspired house music deep fried for the modern pookie head.
Fluid, perspicuous, hypnotic, deep, Amsterdam's Human Space Machine, co-founder of the renown De Lichting collective, offers up a Swiss Army Knife of poignant techno tracks perfect for the mid-day festival set when the afternoon sun beats down and for the dark corners of the night when all you want to do is disappear. Record opener "Mopo" thuds hypnotically with a digital, crystallized, acid-tinged bass line into the second track "Arp", whose squishy chord stabs punctuate a mesmerizing rolling shuffle. Penultimate track "Lyf" plays out like a high speed pursuit- where pulsating tension propels the listener deeper into the groove while record closer "Newendam" bubbles around a bouncing bass hook offering teetering glimpses of light and bliss as the sun rise teases. Comes in a special duo-pantone printed jacket by Rotterdam based artist Tim Mastik. With words by Gregory Markus.
Peruvian label MOON SOUND, arrives after a long time with its first release in 12”, which thanks to its select taste has the opportunity to come out with world-class artists.
25 years after its official release, Deeper Audio Cuts “DAC002” gets a very much demanded re-issue: two split EPs that contain remastered originals from the 1997 release together with fresh, unreleased tracks dug out from Scott’s DAT archives. This part 2, contains “My Jupiter Rox’s” from the original DAC002 EP plus the previously unreleased “Cook It”, “DoDaDaDa” and “Ayeah”.
Ed Cartwright's first compilation, which is landing in two parts (this is the first), celebrates the period between 1992 and '96, when electronic music in Britain was going in a multitude of different directions, and the (ultimately unfulfilled) 'brave new dawn' offered by Blair's New Labour government was still some way off. Cartwright's selections thus flit between gorgeous UK techno (Syzygy's 1992 gem 'Meditation'), sub-heavy post-bleep brilliance (Cabaret Voltaire), classic IDM (the Black Dog's Ken Downie as Xeper), mind-mangling slow acid (Thunderhead's excellent 'True Romance'), anti-Criminal Justice Bill material (Ultramarine's 'Happy Land') and some early Matthew Herbert brilliance ('Housewife'). Throw in extensive liner notes from dance music historian Matt Anniss, and you have a fantastic package.