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Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure






1x Vinyl 12"



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Southern Exposure Numbat Baffling Noise - NOIZ-2301

After the EP by Deyayu, Baffling Noise (seekers sublabel) is coming back with another 4 tracks EP this time by the new Australian duo Numbat

Media: Mi
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Southern Exposure (Hybrid Man Remix)






Southern Exposure

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The Gospel According to Victor (TGAV) kicks off its inaugural transmission on wax with an EP of driving, timeless, yet modern house music from label-owner, Tro. Inspired by a cryptic, otherworldly occurrence in Toronto in the summer of 2023, TGAV001 sees the enigmatic Berlin-based producer present the gospel of his musical sensibilities: four slices of dancefloor-oriented mind-music, seamlessly blending novel sound design techniques with hypnotic grooves reminiscent of 90s tech-house / minimal nostalgia. Peppered with the types of subtle surprises characteristic of his live act, TGAV001 takes the listener on a cosmic journey through space and different realms, with a hint of the absurd.
It's been 1 year since our last appearance, but we are back with a new series of releases, presented in 2 parts, that aims to take you straight to another dimension, where both your sensations and emotions will connect throughout the music.For Part 1, on the A1, we are honored to have 100hz hopping on board the RawBeats family, one of the most respected producers in the game, with an 11min masterpiece that will make you dance from the first beat till the last.On the B side we first have a deep and trippy track, made by Argentinian renowned producer Fer Mariño and one of Rawbeats creators, head honcho Juan Proeliis.B2 comes all the way from the US, with another collaboration between two super good friends and artists, no other than Diego Santana and Pily who delivered a hypnotic masterpiece than can only be described as a real dance floor banger!
The record you should give to any of friends that still aren't into underground Techno ;)A true unsung hero of mid 90’s techno, Nurmad Jusat aka Nuron helped cement the UK sound that became synonymous with labels like Likemind, B12 and A.R.T With his original releases long out of print and selling for serious money on Discogs, Likemind finally gives fans what they’ve asking for for so long. 8 of his most sought after tracks, remastered and repackaged in the form of a 2 x 12″ compilation. For a truly breathtaking snapshot of 90’s UK electronica, look no further.
Magic Ritmo returns with their second release, a highly demanded reissue of ‘G.F.X. - Eternal’ originally released in 1990.Shrouded in mystery, the record has gained cult status among veteran ravers, record collectors and those who are allured by the spiritual and ethereal quality the record embodies. Magic Ritmo is delighted to lift the cloak and share the story of the record and artist through a fully licensed and remastered release.G.F.X. is the alias of Geoff Waterston, a musician, producer and engineer from the coastal town of Whitley Bay, North East England. G.F.X. was born from a youth spent tampering with electronics, taping drum beats off the radio and resourcefully discovering his creativity. Performing originally locally, G.F.X. quickly became a name spotted on the line up of many acid house nights that were popping up across the North east, as the area began to receive their first transfusion of acid house.Often hidden away from the archives documenting this time, the North East of England was a pivotal and culturally rich scene amongst the acid house movement. Most prominently, and fondly spoken of, was Middlesbrough’s ‘Butter Loggie’, a bizarre sounding party that grew to crowds as big 10,000 youths partying at the Herlingshaw Centre in Eston, a community centre by day and place of pilgrimage by night for those eager to experience the beginning of acid house. G.F.X. performed regularly at the Butter Loggie and recalls the impact and ferality of the event, a wild and loose party where the soundsystem shook through your bones. These early experiences provided Geoff with his first glimpses of spirituality, which provided much of the inspiration behind the EP’s title track ‘Eternal’.The story and legacy of ‘Eternal’ lives on, remastered and reimagined through the lens of Magic Ritmo.Limited 500 copies.180g vinyl including inserts.We would like to thank Geoff and Zara for their trust in us and allowing us the honour of putting this important piece of culture back into the world."Eternal was a snapshot of a time when an opening up of alternative lifestyles, spirituality, political activism and music were creating an overall sense of freedom and separation from mainstream society.And for the first time in my life, I felt a sense of peace and belonging that I had never experienced before and that's where eternal emerged from"