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Plum Pudding EP

Plum Pudding EP
Plum Pudding EPPlum Pudding EPPlum Pudding EPPlum Pudding EP






1x Vinyl 12" EP Clear Pink



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The 90’s San Francisco underground electronic scene always commanded a great deal of love and respect here at OCD. It played an important role not only in the development of the global electronic music scene, but also in our personal, never-ending journey of discovery.
Back in 1996, between the early releases of one of the SF’s scene most important and pioneering record labels, Sunburn Records, an EP titled “Plum Pudding EP” by an artist called “Trailmix” appeared. It featured 4 tracks spanning between early hours progressive-house and more gentle, mellow breaks with a hint of electronica.
For many years it has been one of our most favourite record from that scene and era.
27 years later, we’re beyond stoked to have being able to successfully track down that gentleman by the name of Alan Aronoff (Trailmix) who, with no hesitation, allowed us to reissue that special EP on The Secret Sun.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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