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Conoley Ospovat C_olvrin
Perspectives Shift

Perspectives Shift
Perspectives ShiftPerspectives Shift




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Jul 1, 2022

Perspectives Shift Conoley Ospovat C_olvrin Continental Drift Records - cdrift.023

Number 23 from Continental Drift seems to be all about the journey. These are slowly evolving groovy tracks, never staying totally loopy and often being a bit sly about the direction they're headed. Perspectives Shift, the first track and release namesake starts out as a floating tune centering around the Mathew Jonson-style wandering bassline melody; it gradually churns thick with rhythmic action and counterpoint chords. Deep Summer Techno is trippy acid that plays with time and space, maybe channelling a bit of that CABARET Recordings spirit from Ospovat's time in Japan. Finally, the whole B-side is dedicated to Conoley’s re-work of label co-owner and dear friend c_olvrin’s Cryogenic Freezing Of Friends, a more Chicago-house excursion, full of groove and many-textured details.

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Conoley Ospovat - Perspectives Shift


Conoley Ospovat - Deep Summer Techno


c_olvrin - Cryogenic Freezing Of Friends (Conoley’s Soulmates Mix)

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