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Various Artists
Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994

Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994
Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994Italian Dancefloor Outsiders 1987-1994




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 15, 2022

Double LP compilation featuring Italian dancefloor music from the end of the Afro/Cosmic scene to the beginning of the Italian Rave era, between 1987 and 1994.
Stunning bit of research by Andrea Dallera (Dualismo Sound) and Gabriele Casiraghi who've been meticulously digging Italian bins. After endless sifting through this crucial time in Italian dance floor music, we are presented with their final distillation of this transitory period between 80's afro cosmic and Italo's peak into early 90's rave and Italo house era. In their words: “The whole concept was born as we started to find records that were into a kind of hybrid zone that was clearly pre-announcing some of the huge musical changes brought by the 90’s. The sound at play can be understood as looking closely to Belgian New Beat, Uk's Acid House and German early Techno but still connected with some dynamics of the ‘80s sounds: lashing snares and catchy melodic phrases joined by filthy acid bass lines, highly compressed kicks and 'World music' samples are just some of the most recurring elements.”
Hands down mandatory for any dance floor oriented record collection.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Cy & Gy - You Danger (Victorial Version)


Ubaldo Missoni - Let me be your man (Instrumental)


Teknoafro - Mama Africa


Bokaye - Ethno Groove


Nightmare Lodge - Mirage IV


Nistri, Fiori Carones - Marcia A Gorky Park


Aritmica - Touch Another Flame


Zen - Antiacid


Major Ipnotic Key Institute - Minimal Kinetic


Leo Anibaldi - Muta 3

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