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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 30, 2022

CQTR001 Various Artists Coqueto - CQTR001

A new label is born in Barcelona with its first release compiled by 100% latino & coqueto blood.
Four tracks with predominant basslines and ready for the club.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Elías Sternin - Contranota


Pedro Bolzico - Meteoro


Rufo & Onoffon - RFN4


Pato - Techno & Bass

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How do you get 'in the box'? Gal Tsadok-Hai knows. After some experiments with hardware, the Amsterdam-based electronic producer recently went back to his first love: computer composing. Thus keeping open all the options. Footsteps is his first EP for SoHaSo, filled with four tracks of adventurous, left-field explorations in rhythm and melody. cl_forwardspeed 5 is dominated by sub low baslines and razor blade rhythms, while mp_footsteps 1 nods more towards early Aphex Twin and the IDM trickery from last century. Flip the record for max_smokepuffs 999, on which Gal Tsadok- Hai proves he can also bring a straight four-four to great heights. It is both spacious and tense, which makes for a great combination. On closer sv_gravity 0 it's back to the days when melody was still the default in most techno and electro. If you like the abstract machine funk from Dopplereffekt, this might just be right up your alley.
Holístico Records is proud to present the release of its first EP. Containing 4 dancefloor orientated tracks. HR 001 introduces three Uruguayan artists: Nicolás Amaro, wilowm representing the Holístico Records Crew and a featured guest artist, Pi.
We’re utterly excited to welcome again Scott Featherstone on OCD after his first outing on The Secret Sun under his moniker Beyond A Voice.Scott’s spirit while making music is quite possibly the purest we’ve ever found until today: completely free in his approach to music, ingenuous and without prejudices, to our eyes he makes music like a kid discovers the world setting his productions free from any conformity. And he’s a master in his craft.We’re extremely grateful to have been able to dug through his DATS (some of which are 25 years old!) and to compile this EP that we feel encompasses the spirit of House Music in some of its most emblematic and varied facets.
Another early 90s breaky rave missile, this EP features three original versions from 1992 of “Futurama” on the A side: the “Space Mix”, “Dream Mix” and the slow building “Hold It Held It Lost It Mix”. And two newly made remixes by Berlin's finest Juan Ramos and Trent. Making you fully equipped to make the right choice behind a DJ booth. Powerful breakbeat rhythms, driving bass lines, tripped out vocal samples, all the boxes are checked for maximum club impact, another highly effective dance floor recipe by Morgan King and Nick Hook, the two virtuosos responsible for previously re-issued on Sound Metaphors “Older Brother From the Rock” by Om. Profusely remastered at Berlin's manmade mastering.