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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 30, 2022

CQTR001 Various Artists Coqueto - CQTR001

A new label is born in Barcelona with its first release compiled by 100% latino & coqueto blood.
Four tracks with predominant basslines and ready for the club.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Elías Sternin - Contranota


Pedro Bolzico - Meteoro


Rufo & Onoffon - RFN4


Pato - Techno & Bass

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Having been lost in the Discogs realms for many years, without many sound clips online, each of The Piroman’s EPs began to gain a lot of traction online.The Piroman EP, the first of 2 projects released back in the 90s, features three tracks with rolling electro/ breaks elements throughout, inspired from the West Coast. All 3 tracks were given a European twist and will fit onto modern day dance floors comfortably.This EP will be released along with an insert, with a little more information on The Piroman and their earlier influences. 25 years later - The Piroman returns…Limited to 300 copies.Outside
We all remember with mixed feelings the past two years of domestic isolation: a temporary anomaly in which the world had to adjust to a new routine, a new rhythm. In these daunting yet precious circumstances, Italian producer Markeno has found his rhythm back, dusting off old records and re-approaching his past musical love affairs that he believed to be long forgotten. Here, in the fertile limbo that connects past and future, “Dock lown (exploring)” is born: a 3-tracker release with a chameleonic nature and an undeniable groove, in which Markeno is able to tactfully combine different genres such as indie, post-rock, African mu- sic, electro and funk.In the contemporary music scene, overly saturated with catchy melodies and seductive lyrics, it is refreshing to encounter a composition like “Fase 01”, which starts from a purely percussive structure. Just when the ear is settled and well inserted into the tangle of drums, here comes the melodic twist, no less than at the fourth minute, injecting an unexpected groove and chalking out the contours of a track with multiple personalities: a little esoteric, a little synth-wave, quirky and badass. The temperature rises with “Zona Ros- sa”, in which the electro hint sketched in “Fase 01” becomes more pronounced, opening the doors to a dense psychedelic scenario. A shamanic loop accompanies the electric bass and escorts us through the smoke of the bonfire, veils swayed by the wind and colored lights that sparkle in the night. The ritualistic humming of ‘’Zona Rossa”’ is still hearable, floating in the rarefied atmosphere, while the last track “Limbo” makes its entrance and confirms once again the poliedric but congruous essence of this release, whose percussive attitude lures you in and whose hypnotic and groovy body makes you stay. At least for one more dance.Sara Berton
A Co-production between R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings & Echocentric Records..."R.A.N.D. and Echocentric, two names knownJoin forces to release some tracks they've been shownFour heady cuts, mind-bending and boldFor curious dancers, their stories to unfoldFrom Lithuanian maestro, Pletnev his nameModular beats, a rhythmic refrainFor dance floors, these tracks are a mustSo come along, and give them a try, if you trustTogether, these labels have come to createSongs to make you move, to elevateYour mind and body, with each passing beatSo let the music take you, and feel the heat.”Echocentric Records & R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings team up to bring you "And You Never Come Back EP" by Pletnev.
ALIEN D aka Daniel Creahan is a staple in the NYC underground. He co-runs SWEAT EQUITY and is one half of DEKALB WORKS. For this EP, he’s cooked up 4 heady dance floor churners that draw influence from many points along the UK hardcore continuum and US tech-tonic landscape. These cuts are applicable and psychedelically functional for all times of the night. Early support and play by CCL, AceMo, Miley Serious, 2Lanes, Wngdu, Devoye, Ru, Masha, Mazewski, and Furtive.“Dream Burner'' opens up with a tantalizing, syncopated kick, a rim-shot rhythm, and a brain-scratching zoom…it starts out tiptoeing around the 4/4 and then fully gives the four only to end back where the track started…presenting you with the Beat in between the downs and ups. “Spicy Action” is the perfect mix of chill and party…dubbed-out breaks and synth stabs laced over traveling bass drum patterns. No seatbelts in this cruiser, so hang tight!Flip to the B side. “Party Glitters” is a sunrise outdoor rave anthem. Blissed out techno breaks for the long-haulers. At 8 minutes and some change, this is one you’ll want to let work its own magic…it’s a goer! “Sunrise Deli” ends the EP with tangible optimism, the power of the kinship found at a solid rave. Lush synths ease in more brain-tingling techno percussion and bring the EP to a bright close.300 copies pressed worldwide. Don’t sleep on this one.Written, produced and mixed by Alien D.Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann.Design by Nick Owen.Distributed by One Eye Witness.