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Outer Space EP

Outer Space EP






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Oct 30, 2022


Outer Space EP MASI AMI Records - AMI001

For the first release of the label we would like to welcome MASI. Two brothers from Amsterdam who’s sound could be described as old meets new school electro and minimal.

The A1 of the EP represents that old meets new school electro club focused track while B1 is an atmospheric cosmic inspired minimal track.

Available in a month

Oct 30, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Alpha Centauri


No Hook

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Dwelling in the depths of Lima’s city centre, hidden inside the galleries of a rusty old building in Jr. Paruro 524, three individuals can be found labouring intensely on the production of the highest quality electroniks.Their minds having interwoven long ago, they have become one and each one has become all. United in their purpose of exploring the far reaches of dance music, the present release is their first offering to the universe.
Eighth release from KMA60's label Rezpektiva and the prelude to a forthcoming 2x12" Opik LP from '94 – featuring select cuts from the past that have made an impression on us over the years, released with the maximum respect.Rezpekt to Opik !
Once more we’ve balanced old and new school producers into a limited 150 copies 12"….Thrilled to have legendary Shaka opening the EP, followed by Barcelona’s esteemed producers Jorge Gamarra and D-Ufo under their JGRE moniker, rising South Italy's machines overlord Filippo Bologna and to close it all another producer who needs no introduction, Tommy Vicar Jnr.

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