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Santiago Uribe
The Death Of Cool

The Death Of Cool
The Death Of CoolThe Death Of Cool




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Apr 25, 2022



Santiago Uribe - The Death Of Cool | Montevideo Electric Recordings (MER007)

M.E.R. proudly presents MER007 : Santiago Uribe - The Death of Cool EP.
Santiago is back to his collective’s label catalog with a dancefloor-oriented production crafted with his characteristic clean and neat sound.
Side A fills with two techno tracks. A1 stands out for its playful acid basslines and a classic drumming groove. A2 highlights with bright and sharp drum plates, round fat bass and smooth synths : a proper dancefloor piece.
For B side Santiago presents two tracks: B1 full of deep and grooving sound with an effective interaction between drumming elements. Closing the EP, B2 features a down-to-earth sound landscape, resembling a sort of ritual music that builds up a sticky, dark and hypnotic atmosphere.

Media: Mi
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The Death Of Cool






Viaje De Codo

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