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Cosmic Ray Event




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 21, 2020

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Mystic Future - Physical Chemistry


Mystic Future - Physical Chemistry (Aubrey Remix)


Hughes Giboulay - Soirée (A Night In Marseille)


Mystic Future - Distant Memory

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Ukrainian producer and DJ Sider returns to the catalog with another ethno-techno filled four tracker!The release contains tracks that were written while traveling the world. Inspired by his favourite places- Indonesia and Sri Lanka, these tracks contain live field recordings from his travels beautifully blending techno, trance, drum & bass, amdient, electro and breaks!Halted by the travesty of war, traveling through sound has become more essential than ever. This beautiful EP represents the strong artistic culture of the many Ukrainians that are no longer able to travel physically around the world but continue to traverse soundscapes, continuing to dream and create.
Following 2 heavy reissues of “Silver Mirror Of Her Eyes” and “Heavy Water” from original works on D*Fusion Records in 1994-1997, Howard Dodd aka Anoesis returns to physical in 2023 for a new full feature-length album via Australian based imprint Paper-Cuts. Selected works between 2010-2022 “Memory On Memory” offers a modern take from the underground UK artist, spanning refined breaks, playful tech-house and modular experiments stretched across this 9-track LP.
Hypnophobia is the bleep fueled beginning to a six release series from Dan Piu on Terrestrial Funk. Recorded from 1993 to 2021, the 27 tracks pose a reflection on the relativity of time. Exploring our connection between then and now, all that came before, and what is still to come. Each release will be accompanied by a foldout poster featuring oil paintings of city skylines at different points in time, all painted by Dan Piu himself. We start in present day London.
After 6 years, label boss Ewan Jansen circles back to Red Ember’s main with a new EP. A concept journey equally for the mind and the dancefloor that strays from his house roots with themes of mysticism pushing wider rhythm palettes and creative synthesis.The opener ‘Solanoid’ marches over the horizon; a solid progression of sun-scorched chords, goaded by some distinctive chanting synths and driving bass.‘Caravania’ answers as a stomping IDM-esque fable, joined by bubbling rhythms on the ground and a central writhing serpentine synth guided from high above by voices unknown. The flip side quickly de-camps from the physical, with the organic ‘Mistik’ seeing elements of rave and tribal electronica driven by tuned kicks, sub-bass and resonant rhythms.Lastly, a stoic tome of stone and water is left with ‘Gecko’ – a skittish chunky groove, with isolated melancholic tones that find harmony in the end.