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The Hear & Know ep

The Hear & Know ep
The Hear & Know epThe Hear & Know ep






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Jun 16, 2024

The Hear & Know ep Triform Deeper Audio Cuts - dac006

Found on some misplaced old warped cassette tapes from the 90s,

‘The One’ was recreated using the original TriForm studio equipment

‘Within’ is a more recent TriForm track, recorded in a late night studio session

‘Day Break’ was developed from a live jam track performed at a Seekers party in Berlin’s Hoppetosse

Available in 2 months

Jun 9, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The One




Day Break

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Synthetic and still human. The first EP on Human Sense Technology was written and produced by Braintalk. In his melancholic way he put the emphasis on dreamy surfaces, knitted rhythms and distorted structures.
Barcelona’s Tunik follows up on last year’s A New Dawn with a distinct turn to the dark side as he pays tribute to the iconic, vampiric creature of the night, Nosferatu.The horror theme on the title track is a natural fit with the Argentinian artist’s schlocky strain of EBM-styled electro-techno, but the music is no joke. Boxy drum machine jack and a suite of darkly seductive synth lines strike the perfect note between vintage flair and modernist impact, and the macabre mood lingers over the rest of this trip through gothic club music.Whether it’s the Twilight Zone creep around the edges of ‘Slave’, acid blood raining down on ‘W72’ or the undead getting busy with the grungy bass and dry snare hits on ‘Sorrow’, Tunik has got exactly what you need to send a shiver down the dance floor’s spine and raise the temperature in the room, all in the same heartbeat.
‘WAR1209’ finds Ukrainian artist shjva inducing trance states across an album equal parts tripped-out and dubby. Spanning brooding lysergic visions and locked-in dance floor hypnosis, expect drowsily impressionistic soundscapes and darkly cinematic gear across the 9-track duration. Total sonic immersion for the oddballs and the freaks.
Terraforming uncharted alien terrain, tracks like ‘X-Side’ and ‘Upper Limit’ descend into sprawling, widescreen exploration. Fathomless landscapes serving as vessels for deep introspection. ‘Enigmatic’, on the other hand, opts for detail and precision-tooled dynamics while retaining that same wide-eyed sense of wonder. Where ‘Dragonfly’ offers fractal fuel for ceremony and ritual, ‘Cloudhopping’ and ‘Psy-Fi Alien Dub’ wade knee-deep through some dub techno murk. Saving the direct and tunnelling for last, 'Banshee' and 'Chrysalis' are like two sides of the same proggy coin; one ominous, the other more optimistic and utopian.

A new label is born in Barcelona with its first release compiled by 100% latino & coqueto blood.Four tracks with predominant basslines and ready for the club.
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Broken Techno/Electronica label Theoretical Rhythms is back with another vinyl release. This time it is a 4-track compilation EP called "Confessions". Featuring a carefully curated selection of tracks from diverse artists, "Confessions" takes you on a journey through emotions, melodies, and introspective narratives. Each track serves as a musical confession, laying bare the artists' innermost thoughts and experiences. The compilation opens with Varna's own Virtually J who masterfully sets the tone for the entire collection with his composition. From there, listeners are guided through a sonic landscape that seamlessly blends genres, showcasing the rich tapestry of musical expression. London duo Getae are showcasing their talent with the dance floor filler "Stumble" and Getsu opens the door to another dimension with his story "Otklonenie". With its minimal composition, broken beats and various effects Getsu invites us to divert from our path and experience another world. The EP concludes with Nickel Eye's "Lodi", a story that starts on a darker side with repetitive rhythm to transform to a jazz epos."Confessions" is more than just a compilation; it's an exploration of vulnerability and authenticity. Each artist bares their soul through their music, creating a connection with the audience that goes beyond the surface. "We wanted to create a compilation that goes beyond the ordinary, something that resonates on a deep, emotional level," says Nickel Eye, Theoretical Rhythms' head honcho. "This project is about sharing our musical confessions and inviting others to do the same". With its innovative approach to storytelling through sound, "Confessions" promises to be a standout in the music landscape, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a musical experience that is both intimate and expansive. "Confessions" is a testament to the power of music to connect, inspire, and evoke raw, authentic emotions. Press play and embark on a journey of musical confessions.