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Reformed Society
Basic Moves 19

Basic Moves 19




2x Vinyl 12" Album Stereo



Release date

Jun 30, 2023

Basic Moves 19 Reformed Society Basic Moves - BM19

Some things take time. Harsh Puri aka Reformed Society has been sending me music for more than 3 years. Not just one or two tracks but more than 100! During the lockdown, we spoke over the phone and I told him my way of working, which is to plant a seed that can grow and give it time to blossom. He then went on to tell me his method of working and how that had changed during the pandemic. From finishing tracks within a day, he decided to take more time with his projects now, spending countless hours learning the construction process of different sub genres within dance music that he hadn’t made before, all in the pursuit of being a better producer. This still resulted in over a 100 tracks being sent to me and as Harsh was not able to catch up with naming tracks, all his demos were called “Untitled 000 up to Untitled 150-something”. One day I received another batch of “Untitled tracks” and on hearing the new tracks I knew the seed had blossomed and it was time to compile a record by Reformed Society. In the meantime we met in London and Barcelona and became friends. Harsh told me that most of his tracks are made with the club in mind, more to be played at night and in indoor spaces. Overall, this double ep has an old school influence. Half the tracks have a sound inspired by UK tech house (97-04) with a very “heads down”, serious, and deep vibe for mid-size to semi-large rooms or clubs. It goes even deeper, envisioning people well into their mdma high, feeling full of love and maybe even some introspection. Harsh was born in New Delhi, India in 1983 and later moved to Antwerp, Belgium. He went back to boarding school in Rajasthan, India then lived in the USA to study electrical engineering until 2006. Although he’s been deejaying and going to clubs since he was 17, it was only when he moved to London that he became a serious clubber, exploring different parties in the city every weekend. This is pure deep tech house music that reflects his life on and off the dancefloor. Now it’s time to play these straight up dancefloor bombs out in the club. Thanks for your patience and your music Harsh, I’m so happy we made this double ep work.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Constant State of Hustle


Touch and Go


Hammer the Keys


Hug Pit


Adrenaline Rush


Dream Shuttle

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