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Various Artist
Diggers Society vol. 1

Diggers Society vol. 1
Diggers Society vol. 1Diggers Society vol. 1Diggers Society vol. 1Diggers Society vol. 1




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jun 16, 2024

Diggers Society is an underground electronic music label based in Barcelona. This debut release encapsulates the label's musical philosophy, featuring two tracks produced by legends Francesco Farfa and Miki (in collaboration with Niki IL B and Andrea Melly), and two tracks produced by talented artists from the new generation such as Luca Piermattei and Lucio. The result is a complete EP, featuring 4 different dancefloor-oriented productions, each one for a different moment of the night.
Artwork by @designattitude_graphic

Available in 2 months

Jun 16, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Miki, Andrea Melly, Niki IL B - 432 Birds


Francesco Farfa - Fear


Luca Piermattei - Magical Year


Lucio - Paranoid Hills

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