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Lorenzo Batlle
Source 02

Source 02
Source 02 Source 02




1x Vinyl 12"



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Lorenzo Batlle

Source 02 is the second release from the Uruguayan label New Source. We are pleased to have the debut of Lorenzo Batlle, Uruguayan producer and DJ.

Track A1 - IDRIS:
Opening the EP, IDRIS invites you to a disorderly dance through time, weaving dub influences, atmospheric acid lines, and fragmented vocals creating an eclectic sonic landscape.

Track A2 - MEDEA:
MEDEA emerges with a soft and hypnotic embrace, drenched in hypnotic bells and delayed acid lines.

Track B1 - SIRIUS:
Inspired by Cyrus, woods, and '80s shades, SIRIUS is a blended journey guided by a pulsating baseline—an invitation to move forward on the dancefloor.

Track B2 - God works in mysterious ways:
Closing the EP, God works in mysterious ways leaves a moody imprint, resonating with house vibes and playful synths bringing joy to the dancefloor.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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God works in mysterious ways

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